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October 4, 2013
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"Well I decided I did not want to be like I was before, and that I wanted to be a refined mare. One day, I managed to escape from the orphanage and walk around town. During that escapade, while walking next to a very tall house, I heard a celestial music played by seemingly two instruments. I jumped over the fence and got close to the window.” Her face changed as she remembered what she felt that day. “And there I saw them. A pair of musicians. A stallion and a very young mare were playing a piece of music for a little filly that was sitting between them. I was taken aback by the beautiful notes that they managed to get out of those instruments and I decided I wanted to do so too.”

“So I’ll guess they were playing cellos.” The unicorn said.

“Actually the young colt was playing the cello, but the mare was a harpist.” She smiled as she proceeded with the story “Back then I was genuinely astonished by the mare’s ability to play such instrument with her hooves alone, give that the sound came from various strings in an arpeggio”

“Ha! Then you realized they use a little device with finger-like thingies to play it.”

“Exactly, but not knowing that, I thought it was so complex that I wouldn’t learn how to play it, so I focused on the cellist. Another thing that made me choose the cello is that I naturally followed the moves the stallion made with his hooves so easily, so right… Like it was my destiny.”

“Classic Cutie Mark story.”

“That may be, though I had to wait a little more in order to gain my cutie mark.” The mare’s face darkened after that “I needed to find a cello, and so I had to do something I’m not very proud of…”

“You had to sell your body to buy a cello!” Vinyl said grinning.

“Miss Vinyl, you stated before with your unusual deductive skills that I was a virgin…”

“Well… there are many ways to get somepony off without having to do that, especially to pegasi and unicorns…”

“Miss Vinyl, I was just a filly!”

“That means you learn fast and your hooves are tender.”

“MISS NOTE! Are you trying to -”

“Look, I don’t say I would, but to each it’s own…”

Octavia cringed and said “I swear I never had so many disgusting images in my mind as I am having while talking to you today.”

Vinyl Scratch grinned and replied “I’ll take that as a compliment, thanks Sweet Lips.”

The dark maned earth pony smiled and retorted “You do not know about that yet.”

The DJ’s grin grew wider as she stated “I love planning ahead, and I also love how you said ‘yet’ at the end…”

“I did say you had one sixteenth of a chance, it is up to you not to waste the opportunity with foul comments or glances to places currently out of your reach without permission.”

“Then… May I-”

“No.” Octavia stated deadpan.

“Well, I had to try…”

“I suggest you pay more attention to these lips up here before you even start dreaming about those.”

“Luckily I already have dream material for tonight… Anyways, I get the message loud and clear, oh your highness, miss, professor, lady, virtuoso, princess Octavia the Great.” Vinyl said with an exaggerated reverence that made the gray pony smile.

“Just Octavia is alright Miss Vinyl.”

“Same goes for me, drop the ‘miss’ already!”

“I might do so… But not yet.”

“Anyways, you were talking about doing something you weren’t proud of…”

“Ah, yes. As you know I had no possibility of buying a cello, and I tried as hard as I could, yet I was unable of recreating the sounds with elements found in the orphanage…”

“You actually tried to do a homemade cello?”

“And it was a complete failure as you may suspect. So I had to do what I knew yet despised to get it… Steal.”

“Yeah, right. You’re trying to convince me that you stole a cello? I won’t buy it, those things are huge to just walk away unseen, besides one would be twice your weight back then!”

“Well, I did not said it was not challenging, but do not underestimate my skills Miss Note.” She said showing a big pair of violet glasses she was holding in her hoof.

“How did you… Anyways, that’s just a silly thing, anypony can do it.” She said, as she took the glasses back, and put them on again “But let’s say I believe you. So…. How did the amazing thief-turned-lady managed to steal a Luna-damned Cello?”

“Actually, you were right. I did not manage to steal a cello. But I did try to.”

“Now that I can believe it.”

“Well… I had an almost flawless plan. But there was a certain thing I did not thought of. I spent days studying a music store’s movement, how the owner worked, the security, the doors, windows… everything. And when I executed it all went smoothly. The owner was inside the basement at the right moment, the window to a dark alley was open, as planned. What I did not foresee… was a little red-eyed filly with a long cyan combed mane shouting, making her father come back up and find me.”

“Ha! A little filly foun-Whoa, wait rewind. You said RED eyed and long cyan combed mane!?”

“Yes Miss Vinyl, as you suspect… it was white coated.”

“Whoa, so YOU were that filly!? You were trying to steal my father’s store!?” DJ Pon-3 said, recalling the events of that day, so long ago.

“So finally you recognize who I am…”

“Wait, so you knew me, and never told me who you were?”

“Why would I? It was a terrible first impression, and that mare is not me anymore, I have changed.”

“Huh… makes sense. But what I don’t get… is how‘s my dad such close friends with you, if you were trying to steal a cello from the store.”

“Well… that is why I… am so fond of him. He’s a great person. Of course, at first he grabbed me and carried me outside, thinking about talking to my parents. But… well, I had to tell him, I had none. So when he carried me towards the Orphanage, he heard my story. And soon, both he and I noticed one incredible connection… He was the stallion playing the cello from who I learnt all I knew.”

“Whoa, whoa… so you were watching us through the window?”


Vinyl looked at the other mare suspiciously and asked “Wait… but how can you two be so sure?”

“Because your father was the only cellist in town back then.”

“Good point…” She soon facehoofed “Oh I’m so stupid, of course it was us. My mom’s a harpist, and what would be the odds of another pair of Cellist/Harpist in Ponyville…”

“With a daughter approximately our age.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it, it was obvious.”

“Anyways… as soon as he knew that, he proposed, that if I promised not to try to steal again, he’d teach me how to play the Cello.”

“Wow… that’s actually really cool of my dad.”

“It is. Though… I wanted to know, Miss Vinyl… When did your mane got striped, and spiked, and your eyes violet?”

“Well… as you may know, Mom was the cool of the two. Maybe not to you, ‘cause you’re into classic stuff. But Mom, apart from that, was into electronic, house and stuff. And there was this big parade thingy on Canterlot… so she took me there, without my dad knowing. And she let me do all these changes, a pair of red coloured lenses… a cool mane-cut, some highlights… and a really strange parade show later, I got my complete make-over. Cutie Mark and everything.”

“It is quite interesting to know how you changed your looks.”

“Yeah… life would’ve been probably a hundred percent different otherwise…”

“Anyways, Miss Vinyl. You should not hold such a grudge against your father. After all… he asked me to be here. Otherwise, you would have lost the chance to try and get me…”

“Heh, yeah, I guess I owe him a lot.”

“Anyways… after a time, your father gifted me the very same cello I tried to steal, and I started looking for my own style. Even if your father’s style was amazing, and I knew it by heart… I wanted to have mine.”

Vinyl’s ears raised and said “Woah, woah… you’re gonna tell me your whole life story?”

“Well… you wanted to get bored of me…” the charcoal pony retorted.

“Nope. You want me to get bored of you. I want to get you. Totally different things.”

“Well, if you want to increase your chances, you will sit there and listen. Or you could always call Miss Pinkie Pie and we can part ways.”

Vinyl adjusted herself in the chair and said “Okay then, continue.”

“I will be swift if you prefer… Let’s just say I practiced how to play different notes, the position of the hooves, some classic melodies, how to make my cello talk and sing, some may say. So I started experimenting, finding me and my cello’s own voice.” The charcoal mare explained “I spent days in my room back there in the orphanage, practicing non-stop. I barely ate nor slept, but I finally found it…my own style…”

“The boring style!” Vinyl announced flailing her hooves in the air with a huge grin in her face.

“It is not boring.”

“I’ve heard your stuff, made me cry.”

“It is sad! Not boring! It is supposed to make you cry”

“But why is it so sad? Spread happiness, beauty, good vibes, hopes! You definitely have the skills.”

“But my heart has none of those to spread.” Octavia stated calmly and coldly.

Vinyl Scratch was frozen in place, she was unsure on how to reply to that. She noticed the dark grim stare the mare in front of her was giving her, but she could also see the sad and desperate cry for help behind it.

She didn’t think it twice and pulled Octavia for a hug. “You will, someday you will have that…”

The cellist didn’t hug her back, yet she didn’t fight it either. As the time passed Vinyl could feel Octavia’s hooves on her back, finally accepting her proof of affection.

Slowly but steadily one of Scratch’s hoof lowered.

A whistling sound, a hard thud, and soon enough the azure maned pony was flying across the room.

“HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME LIKE THAT!” The fury in her eyes was enough to burn a pony alive.

“Heh, sorry… I was being too mushy and I ain’t like that, I have a reputation you know? Gotta keep it. Besides it was the closer I’ve been to that sweet, sweet flank… had to take the chance.” As she caressed the red, swollen part of her face she added “Damn! You’re packing some punch in that left hoof!”

“I am a cellist, Miss Note, my hind legs are strong from standing up, my left hoof has to hold up a six pounds cello and my right hoof is faster than your legs opening for whoever you come across.”

“Ouch… You know you’ve done something wrong when the refined lady calls you a whore in heat…”

Octavia’s gaze softened and she worriedly apologized. “I am truly sorry Miss Vinyl. I may have overreacted… Allow me to help you.”

She got closer and offered a hoof which the DJ accepted. Now both ponies were sitting on the cold floor, looking at each other.

“Ow! My cheek hurts, you should take responsibility.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Why don’t you kiss it better?”

“Oh but of course, do you want me to kiss your broken muzzle in a minute too?”

Vinyl gulped and hastily responded “My cheek is suddenly feeling better!” “I should stop bothering her, I’ve already seen what she’s capable of…

“I am glad to hear that.”

The unicorn chuckled and said “Well, well, well… Looks like you finally show your true colours huh? The lady-like musician is a true fighter in disguise!”

“You should know how strong a cellist should be, your father is one! And actually I did have to brawl a few times… Just a week ago, I was on Canterlot having some delicious tea on a restaurant, when a pack of black bug-pony monstrosities appeared and I had to fight them to escape.”

“Oh yeah, the changeling fiasco. There was a royal party after that and I was hired for the music by Pinkie, I think one of her friends was the groom’s sis or something. The pay was awesome. But yeah, I had my… share of troubles with those copycat bastards…”  She said, as she rubbed the back of her head.

“Please do not tell me you…”

“He looked like a legal-aged mare, okay?”

“H-he..? Legal-aged..?”

“Just forget it! I don’t want to talk about it, just… go back to your story…”

“O-okay… Where were we?”

“You found your style…”

“Well, by the time I had found my style, half of the orphanage had been hearing me play, and they loved it. One of the orphanage’s owners was specially enthralled by my music, so she called a friend she had in the orchestra and made her listen to me playing.”

“And what did she say?”

“She said I had the potential, but I obviously could not enter the orchestra due to lack of experience and age, but she usually had some clients that asked for the orchestra, but she didn’t had the time to send it, so she could send me and a few other great musicians to play there.”

“So that’s how you started becoming famous and everything…”

“Exactly. I started earning some good amount of money and by the time I was out of the orphanage, I had a large amount of money, so I was able to pay for an apartment as soon as I left it.”

“Nice! Most ponies can’t even get out the house as soon as they hit legal age, less pay for one.”

“It was a little humble apartment anyways, since I am not much of a social pony I never had people over.”

“It’s ‘cause you didn’t have the looks, like I did.” Vinyl winked.

“Personally, I must say you were more beautiful when your mane was not two-toned and it was well combed…”

“But am I still beautiful?” The DJ said pouting.

“Of course you ar- I-I mean!”

“Aha! You said it! You think I’m hot…”

“I said you are beautiful, not hot!” The dark maned mare retorted blushing. “It is not the same thing, and… I never said you weren’t before… It does not mean I am interested in you.”

“Hmm… gotta remember to comb my mane and not dye it for our first date…”

“Do not talk about dates Miss Vinyl…”

“Why not?” She grinned as she locked eyes with the cellist.

“Because technically, to your father, this is our first date…”

“So that’s what he told you…” Vinyl said as she gritted her teeth, but suddenly her eyes opened wide “Wait, so you came here to have a date with me! You are into mares! Even better, you knew me, so you liked me!”

“Not exactly. I am not into mares.”

The white pony looked at her dumbfounded.

“I am not into mares, nor into stallions either, I am not… defined yet. But I owed your father too much and when he practically begged for me to date you… I did not think it twice. After all, it was a date, and if I did not like it I could always walk away… well, I could before we entered this room…”

“He begged you to date me? What’s all that about?”

Octavia sighed and explained “He truly loves you Miss Vinyl, even after all you did to him… whichever the reasons were, he still wants the best for you. And since he thinks I am the best mare for you… Oh, and he had the hope that if you date me, you’d become more refined, and visit your family more often…”

“He misses me?”

“Your father and mother both.”

“So you had no idea this was about business… y-you came to have a date, and I just talked about the nightclub, and flirted like… like… Hay if I would have known I’d have used better and more romantic lines…”

“It… it is okay Miss Vinyl, after all, this date thing was something your father came up with, you were here for business, so it’s more than okay that you treat me like that.”

“So… you were willing to give me a shot?”

“I am currently doing so, am I not?”

“Yeah… you said I had a sixteenth of a chance…”

“I’d say it’s a quarter by now… you did sit through my whole life story…”

“Ooh… things are suddenly getting better…”

“Are you still interested in the nightclub, Miss Vinyl?”

“Are you kidding me? I think I forgot all about that in a flash.”

“I wouldn’t make that kind of jokes being so close, yet so far from… your treasure.”

“Ooh, yeah, and what a treasure! With a clam and a nice pink pearl inside…”


“Ha! You dropped the miss! Vinyl one, Tavi zero.”

Octavia raised one eyebrow “Tavi zero you say? Tell your cheek that, it seems to be unaware…”

“Well, then tell your lower cheek that it felt good, and your nub that it looks nice and tasty…” She replied, grinning.” I win, you lose, that’s the way it is.”

“That may be so… Yet I am the prize, and I can choose not to be won… Miss Winner.”


The gray coated pony rolled her neck and stated “We have heard enough of my life, it is your turn.”

“Hmm… Well, I dunno what to tell you, since you were my little stalker… what do you want to know?”

“Tell me what you think it may help you win the three quarters remaining…”

“Wanna know how many mares have I slept with?”

“Do you want to go back to one eight?”

“Stallions I’ve sle-”


“How many in a row?”

“Aaand, you are ou-”

“Okay wait. Music?”

The mare considered it and said “…proceed.”

“Why don’t I tell you how I became a DJ.”

“It may be interesting…”

“Even if I’m not really glad to admit it, it was thanks to my dad. Believe it or not, years ago he was one of the first ponies here in Ponyville to experiment with electronic music, but he dropped it because he said ‘it was not his thing’. My mom liked it though, so she showed me a few things, and let me try it one day, and I did stick to it. It felt so easy, so… right. Like it was…”

“Your destiny.”

“Yep, your average Cutie Mark Story. I mean, I actually got my cutie mark on that Parade thingy I told you before, and I knew it’d be music related… but I started working with this kinda music this way.”

“Well… that was not quarter-worthy…”

“Maybe not,” Vinyl confessed “but it was the truth, and that’s what you deserve.”

Octavia smiled and said “Now that is worthy…” She got up from the chair and stood next to the table, looking at Vinyl Scratch expectantly. “So… what are you going to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you did stated before that ‘given half a chance…’ and unless my math is that rusty, a quarter plus a quarter…”

“You mean…”

“Am I going to regret giving you this hal-”

“No…” As Vinyl got up, she added “no you won’t…”

“So…” Octavia said blushing while the unicorn got closer “here we are… two mares alone, in a closed secret room, face to face… anything could happen…”

The alabaster mare put a hoof around Octavia’s head and played with her mane “Have I ever told you I really love your eyes?”

“I love yours too, don’t hide them behind these…” she said as she took her electric purple glasses and threw them on the table.”

“Hey… I need those for workin-”

“Oh shut up Vinyl, just kiss me…”

“Thought you’d never ask…”

It was not magic, it was not mind-blowing, it didn’t make them feel like they were soaring high in the sky. It just felt… right, like it was destiny.

“Wow… really good kisser for this being your first kiss.”

“I never stated this was my first kiss.”

“Was it?”


“A refined lady should not lie.” Vinyl said grinning.

“And a self-proclaimed womanizer Casanova like you should kiss better.”

“Is that a challenge?”


“Come here you…”

After some minutes they stopped to catch their breath.

“How was that?”

“That… that was worth a full chance to go out with me, will you take it?”

“Hmm… I might do… what do I have to do?”

“Why don’t you start by calling Miss Pinkie, and we get some dinner?”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

The DJ got closer to the metallic door and whispered “Pickle-barrel, kumquat.”

Soon enough, the door was opened, and as the two mares walked out, they noticed the shop was dark and everything was closed, except for the front door which led to a Luna’s moonlight illuminated Ponyville.

“Where is Miss Pinkie?”

“Dunno, and don’t waste your time wondering, she’s that way. She’s everywhere and nowhere at all, at all times.”

Octavia chuckled. “She is quite unpredictable most of the time, yes…”

“So… Where are we going? I’m hungry” the azure-maned mare asked as they stepped out of the shop, and closed the door.

“The Golden Daffodil.”

“The Golden Daffodil!? You’re paying, right?”

After a sigh, the cellist replied “Relax, Horte Cuisine, the owner of the restaurant, is a friend of mine. In fact, he is planning on expanding and opening a second place, and I am one of the nominees to be the manager of the new restaurant.” She nuzzled the white mare and continued “And just for you to know, the place has an ample basement that could be used to mount a decent nightclub, or something along those lines…”

“Ah… See? I’m obviously luckier at night, I got you, an now the possibi-”

“Ah already told y’all Dash… Ah can’t be carrying y’all to mah house every time we go have a drink with the gals! Ah told y’all to stick to non-alcoholic cider…” A blonde orange cowpony appeared walking in the opposite direction, carrying a very drunk pegasus with a rainbow mane on her back.

“C-c’mon Acklejapp, ya know my company you… y-you enjoy my company…”

“Ah’m yer friend RD, n’ Ah know y’all will hurt yerself if Ah don’t take y’all with me… Ah can’t leave y’all alone.”

“Y-you’re a fri… my best fence,fired… my best friend AJ…”

“That’s yer third mug talkin’…”

“Hey Applejack, RD!” Vinyl Scratch called.

“Viny! Hi!” Slurred Rainbow Dash at a louder than needed volume, trying to get closer but only managing to almost fall off the farm mare’s back.

“Whoa there partner, easy gal… Howdy Miss Vinyl, Miss Octavia.”

“Dash’s been drinking hard cider huh?”

“Eyup, can’t even stand up straight…”

“I can just fine thank you! Walk and evening… everything. It’s just… it’s just that your back is comfy.” She seemed to be focusing on Applejack’s coat. “Ever… ever noticed that your back is like… like a nice furry pillow? A-a pillow… a pillow that smells pretty, like… apples or something…”

“My…”Octavia exclaimed “She looks really intoxicated, is she okay?”

“How many mugs she downed AJ?”


“Yeah, she’ll make it, but she’ll be hard to handle tonight.”

“Ah know, not the first time this happens…”

“Vinyl… hey, h-hey Vinyl, when’s your club going to… uh… exist?”

Vinyl chuckled and explained “Vinyl’s Cage will be finished and open by next year.”

“What’s that?” Applejack asked.

“When… when next year comes and that thing is done and… I… I’ll show you…”

“Sure y’all will partner… Okay, gotta take the feathered drunk to bed, see y’all Miss Vinyl and Miss Octavia!”

“See ya.”

“Farewell Miss Applejack, may the rest of your night be nice and swift.”

As the mare walked away, the unicorn and the earth pony could hear “I l-luv ya AJ…”

“Sure y’all do Sugarcube, that’s yer fifth mug talkin’… at least y’all are all mushy, n’ not depressed…”

“Wh-why do you hate me!?” Rainbow Dash cried.

“Why do y’all open yer big mouth Applejack?”

Octavia tried to cover a giggle and resume her walk towards the restaurant, as Vinyl followed behind saying “I swear, those two are so in love with each other, and they don’t even notice it.”

“Do you really think there’s something going on there?”

“Bet you they’ll be an item by next year!”

The dark maned mare considered it and asked “And what do I win if they are not?”

“A night full of pleasure…”

“And what if you win?”

“A night full of pleasure…”

The cellist grinned and replied “That sounds like a solid bet… I am in.”


“Here we are,” Octavia said “let me do the talking, just meet me at the back entrance.”

After two minutes of waiting, the door opened revealing the charcoal mare who said “Come on in, I got us a table.”

As Vinyl walked inside, she spotted a table for two full of delicious-looking food.

Minutes later, the two mares exited the restaurant with a full belly and a warm heart.

“Wow… that was delicious…” Vinyl said.

“It was…” Octavia agreed. “Oh it is very late, isn’t it? We should be heading home…”

“Yeah… where’s your place?”

“Near the outskirts of town, where do you live?”

“Two blocks from here actually…”

Octavia pondered for a second and pleaded “Would you walk me home?”

Vinyl nuzzled her and replied “Sure, would love to, just lead the way.”

“Even if it’s so far and you’re just some steps from your own home?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Correct answer, let’s go to your home…” she said as she lovingly nibbled Vinyl’s ears.

The alabaster mare grinned and mentally patted herself on the back. “Right away milady, follow me…”

After they get there, Vinyl opens the door and lets her companion enter. “After you sweetie…”

Octavia’s eyes went wide as she stepped inside “What in the name of Luna…”

“Oh yeah, it’s always shocking the first time you see it…”

“Is… is this a room full of…”

“Yeah, I always break’em, so I have like one hundred pairs of glasses here… but don’t mind this, come here, you gotta see the best room in the entire house… my bedroom.”

After long pleasurable hours of passionate love-making, the two mares laid on the bed panting hard.

“One more time!”

“Gimme a break please…”

“Am I not good enough?” Octavia worriedly asked.

“Hay no, that’s not it. This is the best night I ever had! But you’re too good and… I need a rest... Luna do you have magic hooves…”

“Please, just one last time, I swear…”

“You’ve been saying that for the past four hours! This is your first time, filly, why are you lasting this long?”

“Come on… just once more, please… Scratch my itch, and I Scratch yours…”

After letting out a moan, the alabaster DJ agreed. “Okay, last one…”

The sun of a new day woke Vinyl up burning her eyes.

As she got up and walked to the door, she heard “Where are you going Vinyl? Come back to bed…”

“Well… given the fact that you’re in my bed, and I made you mine” she then added to herself “And you made me yours, several, several times…” without turning around, she grinned and talked to Octavia again “I’ll go get Cerberus a jacket, must be freezing down there.”
Part Two of the other story. Hope you like it!
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