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March 25, 2012
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Chapter Four: Gifts, Sacrifices and Young Love

An Appledash-Scootabloom Fic

" Today is the day Scootaloo. Today, you're going to make her your marefriend and buy that supercool new scooter. But the most important thing is that you'll confess your feelings for Applebloom today, and they ARE going to be corresponded. She will love you, you two will live a great life, and you're going to learn to fly, beat Rainbow Dash in a race and become a Wonderbolt! But wait, that's too far away in the future. But now you think for today, and by tonight she will be yours. Understood? Of course I understand, I was the one that told me that. What do you think I am? Stupid? Why am I talking and arguing to myself? Why do I keep doing it? Urggh... I hate my own mind when it does this, oh there's Rainbow Dash!"

The speedster pegasus landed in front of her with a bow, while her fan cheered and clapped her hooves. After that they started walking, heading towards the restaurant they were going to eat lunch at.

"Hey there pipsqueak. 'Sup?"

"Hi Rainbow Dash! I'm fine, I woke up extra early to prepare, so that I look extra awesome for my 'trick' " said Scootaloo winking at her idol.

"Oh yeah, codenames so we don't raise suspicions. Where did you get such a great idea?" Interrogated the cyan pegasus

"The Crusaders, we give everypony and everything codenames, so nopony will tell us 'No'. You know our ideas sometimes are… a bit… risky… for us. Not to mention other ponies' property" said Scootaloo giggling awkwardly while circling a pebble with her hoof.

"He-he yeah, you girls are a little destructive sometimes… especially you… that's my girl!" Rainbow said, changing her tone. "So how's that crusading going by the way?"

"Well… we still don't have a cutie mark… so it's going great!" said the filly who suddenly smiled widely.

"What?" Dash said in confusion. "Wasn't your goal to get your cutie marks?"

"Well yeah, hence our name… but… well, sometimes I fear that if one of us gets her cutie mark, we won't hang out together anymore! So that's why every failed plan is a relief for me"

"You really think that would happen?"

"Yeah, don't you think that way?"

"So if you get yours first, you will abandon your best friends and your trick just like that?"

"Of course not, I could never do such a thing!" said Scootaloo, a little bit angry that the rainbow-maned pony thought she could be such a bad friend.

"So… why do you think your friends would do that?"

"I-I… I never thought it that way…" said Scootaloo thoughtfully.

"That's why I'm here kiddo, to help you realize even the simplest things."

"I really hope you're not insinuating I'm stupid…"

"Now don't get me wrong pipsqueak, I didn't mean that. So tell me Scoots, does the jacket I lent you fit you?" asked Rainbow while she opened the restaurant's door.

"Oh yeah, it's really awesome, thanks for that. Speaking of which, aren't you going to wear anything?"

"Nah, I don't like wearing clothes, only leather jackets, and since you're using it, I'll go like this. I'm awesome anyways, so it's no big deal"

"B-but if you want, you can use the jacket! I wou-"

"No kiddo, I want you to use it. I want you to be with Applebloom more than I want to be with Applejack. Also, I'm radical just like this, you… you need a little bit of help" teased Rainbow Dash.

She then saw the waiter coming, so she ordered something for her and Scootaloo.

"Y-you really care that much about me?" said Scootaloo, still thinking of what her idol said a minute ago.

"Well… yeah, I really care about you pipsqueak, you really are a great part of my life." Rainbow said before whispering something to herself. "And one day I'll be the one that will give you a safe warm home, a tasty meal everyday and a loving family member." "Now let's stop talking this sentimental stuff and let's eat! I'm starving"

Scootaloo realized that Dash had said something, but she could only hear "warm", "meal" and "family". She didn't know what Rainbow meant, but she preferred not to ask and she just started eating.

They ate in silence, each one thinking about what they were going to do with their beloveds. When they finished eating, Rainbow left some bits over the table to pay for the meal and then she took out a little bag and handed it to Scootaloo.

"What's this, some kind of lucky charm?" asked Scootaloo as she inspected the bag.

"No, Bits. I want to give you some for today's date."

"No Rainbow, I've told you that I won't accept anything from you. The jacket is one thing, bits is another. I can take care of myself, and I will pay for everything in this date with my savings" said Scootaloo trying to make Rainbow know she didn't need her pity, she returned the bag to her.


"No, nothing, I don't want to hear you saying anything related to this till tomorrow, 'kay?" The filly demanded, pointing at the violet eyed pegasus. " She must think I don't have money, but I have been saving money for a long time now and I've acquired a good quantity"

"Wow kiddo, okay I won't talk about it, just chill."

"I'm sorry… I'm nervous, and I just explode with the first mare that talked to me, I'm sorry it won't happen again."

"It's okay, I know how you feel kiddo, but just let me give you just fif-"

Scootaloo started glaring daggers, but didn't say a word.

"Ok, ok, I got it, 'you want to do it yourself'… Well, I should get going, I must go to Sweet Apple Acres, to have a date with Applejack" she said winking at the little orange filly.

"Yeah, and I gotta look for my scooter and go pick up Applebloom. It's almost time, and she doesn't know that I'm picking her. So I must hurry before she leaves the house"

"Good luck pipsqueak."

"Yeah, good luck to you too Rainbow."

Scootaloo started running towards her actual hidden 'house'. It was not very big, but it was enough for her, and it was very cozy. She was able to somehow furnish it with some things she found on the streets. Someponies threw a lot of things that were still usable, sometimes they were even new, especially the shop-owners. The place was a little spot she found between three houses.

She found it one day because she entered a seemingly-blind alley on one of the first days after arriving to Ponyville, she needed a place to sleep and not to be disturbed. When she reached the end of the alley, she found there was a little space to the left, about the size of a room, and some bricks were scattered in the floor. She entered and blocked the entrance with the bricks so nopony would bother her. She started going there every day, and started decorating it with everything she founded.

When she got there, she put on her 'new' leather jacket, grabbed her scooter, which was the only thing she had to remember her family and decided to go. When she suddenly remembered all about her family.

She was an only daughter, and her parents died in a terrible accident in Cloudsdale when they were working in the weather factory. Both of them had worked in the same area, that's how they met. They were working for a huge blizzard that they needed for next day and everypony else had already gone home, but they stayed because it wasn't finished and they offered to finish it by themselves. There was a little problem with a cloud that went out of control and triggered a chain reaction that caused the blizzard to start inside the factory. Being in the middle of a terrible concentrated blizzard without clothes warm enough for the situation, and being the door locked by the frost, they died frozen but not suffering.

When the police came after somepony said he saw something happening in the factory, they found both ponies in a frozen embrace with a smile in their faces. There was a note written next to them, it was wet and the handwriting was shaky, probably because of the cold, but they could understand what it said anyways.

"For our daughter, Scootaloo:

We are sorry, but we won't be coming home. You know what it means, you are a really intelligent filly and very mature. We know that you will be able to surpass this obstacle and to live your life. Relax, we are fine, and we are not in pain. Being with our beloved gives us strength. We know that someday you too will find the pony that will help you get over every obstacle, the one pony that will love you no matter what. We got but one last wish; we want to tell you where your birthday present is. We know it's a week earlier, but you wouldn't be able to get it otherwise. Look in the basement, behind the couch.

Please live a long, good life.

Flying Disaster and Gentle Violet, Mom and Dad."

She never felt bad about what happened to her parents; they died happy and next to each other. Most important of all, they left her a mission, and helped her learn a big life lesson, "Live a long, good life". It was a mission, a task, a legacy, and the lesson she learned is that "Nothing is bad if you are with the one you love; even death is sweet by its side". That's why she never gave up, she kept moving, and no obstacle would stop her, not until she finds that special somepony. But she had already found her, and now she must hurry, or she may not be able to catch her before she leaves the house.

She walked to the exit, re-built her wall-entrance, and hopped on her scooter. She started flapping her wings at great speed and headed towards Sweet Apple Acres. In just these two days, she had learned and practiced a lot with her scooter, she learned how to achieve greater speeds and to handle curved paths with ease. But one of the most amazing things she had learned was to do a backflip. Her wings weren't strong enough to support her weight for more than a few seconds, that's why she couldn't fly yet. But thanks to Dash's training, she learned to make good use of those seconds. She was able to lift herself some feet off the ground for some seconds, enough time for her to lean backwards and putting her bodyweight in such a way so she could spin around her center of gravity, making a backflip. Then she was taught on how to fall again and keeping the scooter stable, she could keep going after the flip. She decided that she should do it to impress Applebloom. But if she wanted that, then she needed to hurry, or Applebloom would leave and she wouldn't be able to pick her up. Rainbow said it was really meaningful to be picked up, even if it looks like nothing special. If Dash said it, it had to be true.

When she was just 30 feet away from the barn, and was able to spot Applebloom exiting the house " Well, this is it, I have to do it now, or never" she flapped her wings harder and started going faster, then she started flapping in upwards so she could lift off the ground, and started leaning backwards to do the backflip. But in the midway she started getting nervous and accidentally started turning to the left. She was terrified but kept control and kept putting her bodyweight on the back and kept turning. When she had hit the floor she realized she had not only performed a backflip in front of her beloved, she had performed a backflip PLUS a three-sixty degrees turn. She tried to keep her cool and kept scooting towards Applebloom. In the last moment she started drifting, coming to a stop five feet away from her.

Scootaloo was amazed by Applebloom's beauty, she could only think about her and she was lost in her eyes. She talked without asking her mind for advice and said "Wow… you look incredibly beautiful…" that's when her conscience returned, and she realized what she had just done and tried to make it up. "Umm I mean, you always look extremely gorgeous… I mean..." and she wanted to try again but she got nothing. She decided that she should just shut up and hope for Applebloom not to find it weird.

Applebloom was also amazed by Scootaloo's looks, she didn't just look pretty, she looked… astonishing, cool, and she liked it. She was flattered by her friend's compliment and said with her new voice "Well thank you Scootaloo."

That struck Scootaloo hard… her voice… was so velvety, so sweet, so seductive… it was amazing. "Wow! What's up with your voice?"

Applebloom worriedly said to her "Oh… my sister taught me a thing or two about how the people in Manehattan talked, and I guess I just tried to practice it. Don't you like it my dear?"

"Oh no I love it, believe me I do! But … It's just that your southern accent is the loveliest sound I've ever heard."

"Oh Scootaloo, y'all say the sweetest things" Applebloom said blushing.

Scootaloo realized how that sounded and tried to fix it "Oh! I mean…" But she had no idea what to say… "Oh Celestia, why am I so stupid. I told Sweetie Belle, coming up with words is like… really hard!" "Did that sounded very awkward?"

"Oh no, Ah like it. I mean…" "Shoot, Ah dunno know what t'say, ah need to change the subject" "S-so… Where did y'all learnt how to do that trick with the scooter? It was truly awesome."

"Dash helped me to learn how to perform a backflip, and then I just got lucky and I did a three-sixty too! I did it for you, you know?" said Scootaloo boasting herself unaware of what she had said.

"Wha'? Fer me? What do y'all mean?" asked Applebloom.

"I-I mean… that I first showed you, because I trust you and I knew you wouldn't lie to me if it looked bad."

"Oh… but relax that was awesome. But ah got jes one question. Y'all were s'pposed to meet me at Sugarcube Corner. What are y'all doin' here?"

"Oh, yeah, right. I decided to pick you up and take you to Sugarcube Corner. That's usually what somepony does when they're going on a date with somepony else isn't it?"

Applebloom's cheeks became bright red and Scootaloo realised what she said.

"I-I mean date like get together" said with an awkward smile and eyes darting back and forth. As a getaway response she said "Y-You… umm… do you like my jacket?"

"Eeyup, it looks pretty cool, where did y'all get it?"

"Dash gave it to me, isn't that awesome? She used to use it when she was younger, but since it doesn't fit her anymore, she gave it to me"

"Wow! That's really great; she really cares about y'all, doesn't she?"

"You think?"

"Eeyup, ah think she sees y'all like a lil' sister. Ah say it 'cause she looks the same way that Applejack when she sees me.  Bah the way, what do y'all think 'bout mah new dress and manestyle?"

"What, were you wearing a dress? Sorry, I was looking at your eyes so I hadn't noticed… I-I mean…. I, umm…" Scootaloo was in blank, again. She decided to look at Applebloom cautiously.

Applebloom was wearing a beautiful amaranth-coloured layered tailed dress and a green bowtie embellishing her gorgeous mane, which was tied back in a low pony-tail, somehow resembling the one her sister used to wear, but more groomed. It also had two apple-shaped earrings that complimented her very well. Scootaloo was speechless, she had her mouth agape and she just stared at her friend. Applebloom looked at her and asked

"Well… what do y'all think 'bout it?"

"I-it… it's gorgeous, just like you…" Scootaloo said. She wasn't able to keep herself from saying what she was thinking, again.

"Thanks Scoots, that's very sweet of you to say."

"Umm… umm…" " I should change the subject, this is not going well, I'm screwing up every two minutes" "So… should we get going then?"

"Well that's a great idea, but how are y'all goin' to take me if y'all didn't bring yer wagon?"

"Oh being you, and only you, I'll take you with me in my scooter. I've learnt how to do it! But don't tell Sweetie Belle, this will be our little secret, understood?"


"Well then, hop on."

Applebloom obliged and stood on her hind hooves and asked.

"Are y'all sure Ah won't fall? Isn't there sumthin' Ah can grab to keep balanced?"

"Well, yeah… you…" said Scootaloo, slowly starting to blush. "You will have to get very close to me and… well… hug me, or you will fall."

Applebloom gulped and got closer to Scootaloo and slowly and timidly put her hooves around her beloved. She had waited for this moment for too long, but now that she was able to do it, she was doubtful. But as Scootaloo said, she would fall otherwise. She put her hooves around the orange filly, but didn't get very close and she wasn't touching Scootaloo, thinking her friend would think that would be awkward.



"You will fall if you don't hug me tight..."

"Oh… well" she said finally touching Scootaloo, but still keeping her distance.

Scootaloo knew she would have to use the lie Dash taught her, because
Applebloom was still insecure.

"You know Applebloom, you'll have to get closer to me, like really. really close… B-because… if not, my wings won't be able to flap correctly and we won't get anywhere."

"Oh, well…" " C'mon Applebloom, y'all can't waste this opportunity, she's practically offering y'all the chance y'all have been wishin' fer, and y'all let it slip? C'mon take the chance, the chance to hug'er tightly, to rest yer head in her shoulder, to be able to enjoy the celestial scent of her mane, and to do everythin' y'all ever wanted"

She left behind all of her shyness and she hugged her friend with all her strength, and rested her head on her shoulder. Scootaloo's wings weren't fully grown, but she still felt a little tingling feeling on her wings, and her heartbeat was going at double speed. But she managed to start flapping and accelerated, going towards Sugarcube Corner.

They were both already halfway there when Scootaloo decided to talk because the silence was turning awkward, and Applebloom was so intoxicated in Scootaloo's scent that she didn't bother to talk.

"So... why did you want to see me? I... I-is there something wrong? Was it something I did?" said a little worried the purple-maned pegasus, slowing the wings-flapping a little bit.

Applebloom jolted up in surprise which made Scootaloo lose stability for some seconds, but then she recover it. Applebloom then hurried to answer her friend's question.

"Oh, no, no, not at all! Ah jes needed to do sumthin' with y'all, alone, jes the two of us, and nothing more. Ah could never be mad at y'all!"

" She said she wanted to have a day just the two of us… could that mean… No, don't think that way, don't generate false expectations… that never ends well" "Um… okay, so what do you want us to do?" Scootaloo asked.

"Jes spend a day together, have sumthin' at Sugarcube Corner, then walk around the city, and we could also have a nice walk on the park? If y'all want to, that is"

"Yeah, I'd love to! But… why haven't you invited Sweetie Belle? Are you mad at her?"

"Oh, no, no, not at all! It's jes that… Um…" " I don't know what to say! I never thought she would ask this… C'mon Applebloom y'all always have a witty response right away! Why can't y'all answer now?" "Well, Ah wanted to have a day with jes you y'all know, it doesn't always have to be the three of us all the time."

"So… have you been with Sweetie Belle before, without inviting me?" said Scootaloo lowering her voice and gulping.

"Oh, no, no! This would be the first time we're jes two… Y-y'all don't wanna be with me without Sweetie Belle?" asked Applebloom, her heart had stopped beating until she heard the answer.

"I love being with you without Sweetie Belle!" "Wait, that sounded weird" "I-I mean that… that I like to be with you, either with or without her." " well… I think that's better… no it isn't, quick think of something else" "Look we're here!"

When they got there neither of the two wanted to get off. Applebloom was in a blissful trance and Scootaloo was being hugged closely by the love of her life. But she couldn't stand on the scooter for too long if it was still, so she said

"Umm… Applebloom, we're here… and we've already stopped moving, we can get off…"

"Oh yeah, right"

Both fillies got off and Scootaloo added

"You can also stop holding me; you're not in danger of falling anymore."

Applebloom opened her eyes wide and her cheeks flared red. She quickly un-wrapped her arms and looked away.

"What are y'all gonna do with yer scooter? Y'all aren't gonna take it with y'all all day long are y'all?"

"Nah, I have hiding spots all over town. I have one right here as a matter of fact" she said as she walked around the corner and disappeared behind some bushes, coming back bare-hoofed seconds later. Both fillies approached the door.

"Ladies first" said Scootaloo, stepping aside so Applebloom could enter Sugarcube Corner.

"Yer a lady too Scoots" said Applebloom.

"Fillies first then."

"Yer a filly too."

" Oh yeah, chivalry is supposed to be for colts…"

"Well, YOU go first then. I'm just trying to be polite."

"Well in that case, thank y'all" said Applebloom nodding lightly as a sign of understanding and appreciation at Scootaloo's act.

They entered Sugarcube Corner, the legendary sweets shop, known all over Equestria for their treats. Everything was here, if it is sweet, you can find it here. The walls, roof and floor were wooden, with some details resembling sweets, like candy cane looking pillars and chocolate covered arches. The tables and the counters were either chocolate brown or pastel coloured, looking like cakes that contained cakes which, knowing Pinkie Pie, could contain even smaller cakes.

Even if they have entered this shop a thousand times it was always surprising, one could never get used to see all those sweets. Both fillies entered and as soon as they put a hoof in the store, Pinkie Pie jumped out of nowhere.

"Hi girls! How are you today? Everything's alright? I hope so, cause today is a fantastic day! Where is Sweetie Belle, you three are always together, is she ok? Is she sick? You came here to get her something? I'm sorry but I think that when you're feeling bad, sweets are not always the best option, cause this time, I had this terrible stomachache-"

"HI PINKIE PIE!" interrupted Scootaloo. She had liked the pink mare, but sometimes it was just too much for her to handle.

"Howdy miss Pinkie Pie" said Applebloom "Eeyup we are fine, thank y'all. No, Sweetie Belle is not with us today, but she's okay. We are having a date!" answered Applebloom, unaware of her words.

"A GET TOGETHER! That's what she meant! We came here to drink some shakes... You have some don't you Pinkie?" Scootaloo said quickly. Applebloom realized what happened and she was unable of looking at Scootaloo to the eyes. Both fillies were blushing like crazy. Pinkie just looked at them, narrowed her eyes and said

"Well of course I have hayshakes… how about the Super Special Red Heart Shake?"

"What in tarnat-… Ah mean, what is that Pinkie Pie?" Applebloom corrected, trying to sound more polite.

"Oh, the Super Special Red Heart Shake is a super-duper delicious strawberry shake with whipped cream, strawberry syrup and two little strawberries on top! It's mostly asked by couples" Pinkie said with a smile.

Applebloom heard the word "couple" and quickly said.

"Well… Ah don't like strawberries that much… truth be told, Ah prefer apples… what about y'all Scoots?"

"I love apples… I-I mean I would also prefer an apple-flavored shake…" said Scootaloo while her eyes darted back and forth.

"Well… just for you two lovebirds I'll make a Super Special Apple Heart Shake, how about that?"

" Did Pinkie jes call us 'lovebirds' or am Ah hallucinatin'?"

"Did I… Did I hear what I think I've hear? Nah, it must be just my imagination"

"Well… yeah, Ah would like that" Applebloom said.

"Me too" Scootaloo said as well.

"Okey dokey lokey! take a seat anywhere while I make the shakes."

Both fillies walked towards an empty table and sat down, while they were waiting for Pinkie to finish their order, silence took over again, so Scootaloo decided to ask Applebloom

"So… do you have something planned after this?"

"Well… Ah have a lil' surprise prepared fer y'all at the end of the day, in the park. So that we could have a lil' walk around it before the surprise. That's if y'all want to, of course."

"Oh yeah, that would be awesome, but it's still early and we have plenty of time, don't we?"

"Well, yeah Ah suppose…"

Before she could ask anything Pinkie came with one big hayshake.

"Umm… Pinkie, where's mine?" asked Scootaloo.

"Oh silly, this is yours and Applebloom's! It's meant for two ponies. That's why it has two straws" said Pinkie Pie.


"Well… I must get going… I'll just leave you two alone" Pinkie said before dashing back to the kitchen.

Both fillies were looking at the shake, then looking at each other, then back to the hayshake again, and so on. They were unsure of it, but slowly both ponies got closer to the straws and started drinking it, slowly. During the whole time they didn't talk, they just blushed red, and looked at each other's eyes. Both fillies were lost in the moment, and they wanted it to last forever, so they wouldn't have to leave. But life's rarely that kind, after some few minutes, a slurping sound came out of the glass, both fillies looked at it and found it empty. They have drunk the whole hayshake without noticing.

"Oh…" said Scootaloo sighing " I wanted to keep looking at her eyes a while longer. They are… they are so beautiful… so… they just keep me watching…"

"Oh… well, ah suppose we should pay for it n' go…" said Applebloom "Darn it, Ah was enjoying this! Why does it gotta end? Well, anyways, Ah s'ppose the walk at the park will make up for this"

"Well, we should call Pinkie so we can pay. Pin-" Scootaloo was cut mid-sentence by the party pony popping out from behind the table.

"What is it girls? Did you like the hayshake? I suppose you did because it's empty! What do you want; do you want to order another thing? Another hayshake? Ooo! Ooo! Do you want some muffins? Or maybe a piece of cake!"

"Thank y'all Pinkie Pie. But no, Ah jes wanna pay for the shake" Applebloom said.

"What do you mean YOU want to pay for it, I'm going to pay for it" Scootaloo corrected her.

"No, Ah'll pay fer it!"

"I said I'll pay for it, and it's final."

"Ah invited y'all here today, so Ah'll pay."

"But… b-but I want to pay, why won't you just let me pay!"

"Girls, girls, stop fighting! I'll pay for it!" Pinkie Pie said, smiling broadly.

"Huh?" Both fillies said at unison.

"For you, and your get together, this one is on the house, even if this is a shop and not a house. But technically since my bedroom is upstairs this IS also a house, so it's on the house as I've said. Now excuse me, I'm going to the park, I sense something is going to happen there and I should be there" said the party pony and then started hopping to the exit. Both fillies looked at each other puzzled, but then both said

"Is just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie."

Since Pinkie said it was on the house, there was nothing keeping them there, so the two fillies exited the shop. Scootaloo had an idea, so she asked Applebloom

"So Applebloom, do we have time before we go to the park?"

"Well… ah guess we have sum time…"

"Perfect, come with me."

She grabbed Applebloom's hoof and started running to the shopping area of Ponyville.

Both fillies started walking and giggling joyfully, stopping from time to time in some of the shops to see. Applebloom suddenly stopped in front of Rose's shop, making Scootaloo fall, she should know that that's what usually happens when you keep running and your partner stops. She recovered and saw Applebloom was staring at some beautiful purple flowers.

"Do you like'em Bloom?" Scootaloo asked.

"Yeah, they are beautiful... jes like y'all" Applebloom said, not caring what she said anymore.

Scootaloo tried to think that wasn't a sign and to get no hopes out of it, but she failed. Her heart started beating faster and then she got an idea.

"Do you want me to ask what's the species called?"

"Nah, Ah don't wanna bother y'all"

"Too late" said Scootaloo before running towards Rose.

"Hello little filly, how are you today?" The rose colored mane earth pony asked.

"Pretty fine, can I ask you something?" asked the orange filly pegasus.

"NO! You can't and you won't use nor get near to any of my flowers to try to get your cutie marks. I know what happens when you say 'yes' " Rose said as she tried to protect her flowers.

"Hey! That was mean; anyways it's not that, I wanted to know what that flower's name is."

"Oh sorry for misjudging you kid, it's just that… I care a lot about my flowers, and you've gotten quite a reputation. These flowers are Purple Carnations."

"It's okay. Give me the biggest and the prettiest one you got."

"For you? Being the same color as your mane, it won't stand out…"

"Oh no, it's not for me, it's for her" Scootaloo said, pointing at Applebloom who was still enthralled by the flowers.

"Ooooh… I understand, then I'll cut it very carefully and with a lot of love" Rose said, grinning at the little filly.

Scootaloo blushed and answered "No! I-it's not what y-you are thinking."

"Oh little girl, don't try to hide it. I work at a flower shop, I can recognize that look in your eyes."

Scootaloo was starting to feel embarrassed so she asked

"Well, how much for it?"

"Twelve bits."

"Twelve!? But regular flowers cost only three."

"But it's not a regular flower and I'm the best florist in Ponyville!"

"Ok, here" she took twelve bits out of a pouch she hid beneath her wings and hoofed them to Rose "Thanks."

"You're welcome, here you go" said the mare giving the flower to Scootaloo.

She walked back to where Applebloom was standing. The pastel yellow-coated filly was still looking at the bouquet at Rose's shop, she was completely unaware of what happened between Scootaloo and Rose. She snapped back to reality when she saw her fellow crusader come back with a flower in her mouth.

"Wha? Why do y'all have one?" said Applebloom pointing at the Purple Carnation. Scootaloo just got closer to her, and tucked it behind her ear.

"There, perfect. It looks beautiful on you."

"Why?" she asked as her cheeks began to warm up.

"Oh, well… since you liked it so much, I went there and bought one for you… I-it's a Purple Carnation" said the purple-maned pegasus.

"F-fer me?" said the earth pony looking at her friend.

"Well, yeah… you liked it, and since you didn't let me pay back there in Sugarcube Corner…"

"Thank y'all Sugarcube"

" Sugarcube? Huh, I could get used to hear her calling me like that, I could REALLY get used to that…"

Applebloom resisted the temptation of kissing Scootaloo's lips, but decided to just hug her instead. That was more than enough payment for Scootaloo, who seriously considered about buying her another flower… or a hundred more, if that meant another hug from her beloved. Even though she desired her lips, this hug was enough, because this wasn't a friendly Crusader's group hug or a 'see you later' hug; it was a 'thank you for making me happy' hug. Maybe, and she hoped so, it meant more than that.

Scootaloo was speechless, and she couldn't move at all, so she just stayed still and accepted the warm embrace. Applebloom took those two things as signs that the hug was becoming awkward. She attempted to un-wrap her hooves but was stopped by Scootaloo.

"No…" she said "J-just one more minute…" Applebloom happily obliged and kept hugging the orange filly, her heartbeat rate increased and her cheeks burned a scarlet red.

Scootaloo hadn't stopped liking the hug just because she was close to Applebloom, she just needed a hug. Years had passed since she last hugged somepony this long. After a minute she realised what were they doing, and how close her body was to the one of the filly that drove her crazy. Involuntarily her wings started tingling and the blood rushed through her cheeks, turning the normal orange color into a crimson one. She un-wrapped her hooves and said "H-hey, w-wasn't there that one time where you tried to sell apples?"

"Yeah, that was the first failed attempt to get mah cutie mark" said giggling weakly "But wait, how do y'all know about that? We didn't know each other back then, and Ah haven't told y'all about it" asked Applebloom.

Scootaloo froze for some seconds, and then answered.

"Umm… well… you see, do you remember when we first met? When Nightmare Night appeared? It was just one second, but when I saw you… I… I felt something… I thought that you were special, so I started looking cautiously at you whenever you passed by, and well... one day you were selling apples with such an enthusiasm that I knew you were trying to get your cutie mark. Then, at Diamond Tiara's Cuteceañera, when I saw you being mocked by those… two" said Scootaloo scornfully. "I told Sweetie Belle that we needed to help you, but Sweetie Belle was afraid, it's not that she didn't like you, it's that… she's too cautious sometimes. But as I said, I felt something towards you… so I yelled at Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, and well, you know the rest of the story."

"S-so… y'all are the reason of why Ah have the best friends a filly could ask fer? And most of mah happy days where when we were crusading, so… y'all are responsible fer that too?" said Applebloom, she was dumbfounded.

"I-it's not like I gave you the happiest moments of your life" Scootaloo responded.

"But y'all did! The crusaders are one of the best n' more important things of mah life!"

"You are the most wonderful thing of mine…" said Scootaloo to herself, but Applebloom heard her anyways.

"Ah am?" asked Applebloom.

"I-I mean… you and Sweetie Belle… and Dash, of course!"

"N' yer family?"

Scootaloo turned pale and gulped. "what can I tell her now? I can't tell'er what happened to them" "I-it's not that I don't l-love them… It's just that… Hey look over there! See that shop?" asked Scootaloo pointing to a sports shop.

"Which one? Where?" asked Applebloom looking towards where Scootaloo was pointing but unable to find it.

"The one next to the Jeweler's, Extreme Hooves Sports Shop, come on!" said the orange pony dragging her friend to the shop. "Look at that scooter. Awesome isn't enough to describe it! Black, fire details, titanium handlebar, super handling grips, and reinforced wheels… fast but with great handle and virtually indestructible, by a filly that is. What do you think Bloom?"


Scootaloo thought that the way she said that, and the word she used was weird, so she turned to find Applebloom staring at something the Jeweler's. She walked and stood beside her beloved and spotted two beautiful golden earrings "Oh, you were talking about them… you probably didn't listen to what I've said… heh, I see you're not a smart buyer."

"Hey! What do y'all mean by that!?" Applebloom said, taking a little offence.

"Eye level is buy level, you're looking at the things on the eye level. It's almost always where the most expensive stuff is, but it's not always the best."

"But Ah'm a filly, mah eye level is lower than those earring's level."

"Yeah, but they are at a grown mare level, and you are used to look up there, cause everypony else does it. If you were a smart buyer you would have looked down and saw that!" said the pegasus with a sly smile, pointing at a golden thin necklace with an astonishing apple-shaped ruby with a little leaf-shaped emerald.

"Woooow… that is… is…" stuttered Applebloom.

"Beautiful? Bedazzling? Amazing? Thank you Scootaloo for showing me the most perfect jewel in the universe?"

"Yeah, all those together… and how much does it cost?" she wondered as she looked to the little price tag that stated '200 bits' "Two hundred!? Ah won't be able to save that much money not now not ever! N' Applejack won't buy it fer me neither. Well, it was a stupid idea anyways…" said Applebloom crestfallen.

Scootaloo looked at her and then at the necklace, it WAS way too expensive and the Apple family, even if they were not bad economically, they were using the money to improve the barn and the house, so they couldn't spend in this kind of things. " Well… maybe she can find another one, a little bit more 'accessible' another day, it's not the end of the world"

"Well… you haven't looked at my scooter, which was the reason of why I brought you over her."

"Oh, sorry, what do y'all wanna show me?"

"Look at that" she said, pointing back at the scooter. "Black scooter, with fire details mostly made of titanium, and with great wheels. Fast but with great handle. What do you think?"

"I-it's pretty neat, Ah like it, and if y'all like it, then it must be good. Are y'all gonna buy it?"

"Well yeah, that was the idea… I'll spend all of my savings, but I'll have it."

"Is it very expensive?" asked Applebloom.

"Three hundred and sixty bits, but with my bargaining skills and a little luck, I'll have it for two hundred and eighty, ninety if the guy's tough…" said Scootaloo smiling slyly and narrowing her eyes, staring at the scooter.

"Wow, how do y'all do that?"

"Oh, I've learned a thing or two about negotiating here and there…"

Scootaloo looked at Applebloom, and just stared for some seconds, until Applebloom asked

"Wha? Ah got sumthin' on mah face?" she said trying to clean a non-existent dirt stain with her hoof.

"Oh, no… I-it's nothing… Y-you go ahead to the park, I'm going to buy the scooter and I'll catch up with you in a spell" said Scootaloo, motioning with her hoof for Applebloom to walk towards the park.

"Well if y'all want me to Ah can wait fer y'all here."

"Oh no, you… you should get going, I don't have a dress so I can run. You take your time" she said.

Applebloom mentally shrugged and started walking. "Well; Celestia knows what's gotten into that filly. But Ah guess she's right, n' anyways she'll be here in a spell" She thought as she walked through the peaceful pony town "Well Applebloom, now y'all are gonna have a nice touchy chat while walking in the park n' then y'all are gonna tell'er how y'all feel. N' she's gonna love y'all back!"

Scootaloo appeared from behind panting.

"Told you I was going to catch up with you in a minute."

"Eyup, y'all are fast on yer scooter n' with yer hooves. But still, y'all can't beat me" Applebloom said with a grin.

"Yeah, yeah…"

"N' why the box?" said Applebloom pointing at a little royal purple box, with golden details on the front and on the sides that Scootaloo hold in between her wings.

"Oh… this? It's just the receipt of the scooter. I paid it in advance, but I won't walk around the park with the scooter at my side" Scootaloo said.

"Oh… but why that box?"

"Oh some shop owners like to do it like this; you know all those fancy ponies… Probably Rarity gives them in a bedazzled box" Both fillies laughed at the idea and kept walking.

The two fillies continued to walk side by side while on the other side of the park, two mares were walking in their direction, and a happy-go-lucky pink mare was jumping joyfully and carelessly.
A Huge "Thank You" to :icontheirishbronyx: [link] for Pre-Reading this and helping me fix some errors. You guys should check his stories, they are great!

Okay, I'm sorry I'm late, but better late than never! Chapter four! I didn't want to post it without a Preview Picture, I did a lot of it myself, and even if I know it's awful, I'm proud!

As I've already told you guys, I've started School, English classes, Gym, etc. and I thought by now I would be used to the routing, but I'm not, so I'm still not able to write a lot, so please, please understand my situation and wait for the next chapters.

Because I'm able to write, and write, and write and to keep writing without getting anywhere, plans have changed, and the Scootabloom story will end in chapter 5. So there will be a chapter 6!

This is a Yuri Ship-Fic of MLP:FIM.
Scootabloom and Appledash.

I'm from a non-english speaking country, so if you spot any error, please let me know, I won't be offended

There are two more chapters to come, and there're two more that I'm not sure yet if I'll do them or not, but they aren't relevant to the storyline, so it won't change the course of events if I write them or not.

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