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February 14, 2012
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Chapter Two: Preparing For Romancing

An Appledash-Scootabloom Fic

Walking through the streets of Ponyville, were Applejack and Applebloom. They were heading to Rarity's Carrousel Boutique.

"So, lemme get it straight, we're going to have a date with the girls we love, but we won't tell'em it's a date" Said Applebloom, still trying to get what were they doing.


"Y'all are going to teach me everything y'all remember from yer stay in Manehattan, about bein' all fancy n' girly, to try to impress'em"


"But the only thing y'all can't do, it's to make a dress"

"Or correctly wear make-up, that's why we're going to see Rarity"

"Are y'all sure you wanna tell Rarity 'bout this?"

"No, that's why Ah'm not telling her nuthin' except we need dresses. Speaking of dresses, why don't y'all ask Sweetie Belle to make yers?"

"NO! Ah mean she's a very good friend but,… How do Ah tell this without bein' mean… Sweetie Belle, as a fashionista, it's a very good singer. If y'all understand me"

Applejack laughed at her sister's joke.

"Y'all know, that was mean anyways, but funny"

"So, Ah should tell Sweetie Belle, that she needs to tell Scootaloo, to meet me at Sugarcube Corner in two days?"


"But what if she suspects sumthin'? Or if she asks me to come along?"

"Ah don't know, tell'er the truth"

"The truth? But Ah thought we shouldn't tell anybody it's a date"

"Don't tell'er that, silly, tell'er that's sumthin' only y'all can give to Scootaloo and only to Scootaloo"

"If y'all think she'll believe that... By the way, don't y'all think Ah should ask Sweetie Belle to keep Rarity from making our dresses too… too Rarity-like"

"Good idea, Ah won't impress Rainbow with a big light blue and white dress, with pink hearts with a pointy and poofy hat..."

"Why would she make such a thing to y'all? Where did y'all get that idea?"

"She already did… don't ask…"

"Ooookay… If y'all say so…"

"The point is, we should keep an eye on'em, so ask Sweetie Belle that favour, could y'all?"

"Ok sis, Ah'll do it"

By the time the two sisters finished their little chat, they were in front of the Boutique's Door. Applejack extended her hoof and roughly knocked the door. Suddenly, a light-blue aura of magic surrounded the door knob and the entrance as open for the ponies to enter.

"Come on in Applejack, my dear!" A voice called from inside, it seemed to come from the white unicorn's studio.

Both earth ponies entered the house, closed the door and walked towards the studio. When they crossed the door, they saw a relaxed Rarity sitting in her couch that was almost always unseen because of the various fabrics that were above it. At her side, was sitting Sweetie Belle, they were having another of their "sisters day", it had become sort of a tradition since Sisterhooves Social.

"Well hello my dears! What is that brings you here?"

"How did y'all know it was me?"

"Nopony knocks the door with such lack of delicacy and finesse as you my dear. And I don't work today, so it was one of our friends or one of the crusaders"

"Sorry 'bout that"

"It's absolutely okay my dear, I know you don't do it on purpose. Now, why are you here on this day? Do you need something?"

"Actually, yeah, Ah do. May Ah talk with y'all in private?" Said Applejack looking a little uneasy, then she turned to her little sister "Sugarcube, wouldn't y'all wanna talk with Sweetie Belle for a minute? Ah'll take care of 'that', don't y'all worry 'bout it" After saying that, she turned to Rarity, and then pointed to the door that lead to the kitchen.

Applebloom went towards Sweetie Belle and sat with her. Sweetie Belle was happy to see her friend, but she didn't understand what was happening.

"Soooo… Applebloom, what was 'that' thing your sister was talking about?"

"Umm… nuthin' important, we jes need two dresses and well, since yer sis is a fashionista, it was the best option. How's everythin' going for y'all in yer 'sisters day'?"

"It's funny like always, thanks to you and Applejack, we're closer than ever! But, why do you need a dress?"

"Umm… Applejack and Ah… need to go to… this very important… meetin'… n', well, y'all know me, Ah don't have any fancy clothes, n' neither does Applejack, so we needed new ones, n' well, y'all know the rest"

"Oh, ok, that explains it. So, how are you? Is everything going okay at the farm? Does your sister give you a lot of work?"

"Eenope, everythin' jes dandy… Ah'm sorry Sweetie Belle, but can Ah ask you two favors?"

"Of course Applebloom! What do you need?"

"First, Ah need y'all to 'protect' our dresses from yer sis, Ah mean, don't let her make them too… too…"

"Too much like my sister will want to make them"

"Yeah, y'all know we don't like to wear that kind of things"

"Relax my fellow crusader! This is a mission I can handle and will do it with pleasure!"

"Thanks Sweetie Belle, you're such a great friend! Talking of friends, my second request is that y'all need to find Scootaloo, and tell'er exactly what Ah'm gonna tell y'all"

"And that is…"

" 'Applebloom wanna see y'all in two days at Sugarcube Corner, and she need y'all to be free all day' "

"Okay! Now, may I ask why do you need to talk to her?"

"It's sumthin' Ah need to tell'er"

"Oh! Oh! Can I come with you?"

"NO! A-Ah mean… Y'all can't, its sumthin' Ah can only tell her, and its sumthin' only Ah can tell'er. Y'all understand?"

"Oh… I see" Said Sweetie Belle giggling and half-closing her eyes, something that made Applebloom a little uncomfortable, and made her wonder why was she doing that, but glad she didn't ask anything more. "Don't worry, I'll find Scoots and tell her about the date "

Applebloom went pale and blushed at the same time, something she thought was impossible, as soon as she heard that word "I-it's not a date Sweetie Belle, don't get wrong ideas"

"Oh, I just said 'date' as I could've said appointment or meeting. It was just a word…" said Sweetie Belle, with the same face as before.

Applebloom thought that there was a something strange in the way she had said that, it scared Applebloom a little bit.

Meanwhile on the other room, Applejack and Rarity were standing there, Applejack didn't seem like she was willing to talk first, so Rarity made the obvious question.

"Are you okay sweetheart? You don't seem to be at your best"

"Oh, no, Ah'm jes dandy, don't y'all worry 'bout that, it's just… what Ah'm asking y'all… it's…"

"What is it Applejack? Come on, you can ask me everything"

"Rarity, Ah need you to make two dresses. For me and for Applebloom" Applejack blurted fast, hoping Rarity won't laugh or anything like that.

"Are you serious?" Asked unbelieving.

"Of course Ah'm serious, y'all know Ah can't lie!"

Rarity's face changed into a huge smile, and exploded from happiness, and with a high-pitched voice and a lot of excitement

"Oh my dear this is amazing! And may I ask what it's the occasion?"

"I-It's… a date…" said Applejack, very quietly, she knew what was going to happen next, and she was trying to avoid it.

"Oh Celestia. You, coming, here to ask me, a dress for a date. This must be THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!" She started giggling at her joke, but clearly, Applejack didn't thought it was funny.

"Rarity, Ah swear Ah won't let y'all go away jes like that "

"Yeah, yeah, very funny Rarity"

"Oh! I'm sorry, it's just… so unlike you. But I must simply know WHO the lucky stallion you will date is?"

"Oh horse-apples, Ah can't tell'er it's with Rainbow! Rarity doesn't look like somebody that would be comprehensive 'bout filly-foolers n' that kinda things. Oh… Ah know EXACTLY what to do; also, it would be a little but perfect revenge for her joke "

"Oh, he's wonderful, he's big, strong, hard, you could even say he's like a rock, he's bluish grey, and… and… well Ah don't know how to describe him, it's like, a diamond in rough y'all know? And you know what? He told me he know you, that you used to be great friends" said Applejack

"Really? I can't remember no-pony that colour, or description… What's his name? Maybe that way I'll recall him" Said a little bit confused Rarity.

"Tom " said Applejack mischievously, grinning slyly. And grinning even more when she saw her friend's pupils contract, and she could swear that, if Rarity's coat wouldn't be white, she would probably be pale right now. Then Rarity's gaze changed into one that was not glaring daggers at Applejack, it was glaring two-handed swords.

"I thought we agreed to never to speak of that again. EVER again" said the white pony harshly.

Applejack just started laughing to the royal purple maned unicorn's reaction. But then she composed herself and said.

"Ah'm sorry Rarity, and about your question… how 'bout this? If everythin' goes well, then Ah'll tell you first of all of our friends. Deal?"

"I approve your motion; it is a deal my friend. Ok, I will make your dresses, fear not"

"Now listen to me. They gotta be simple, not huge, fru-fruie, not too girly, y'all should know us by now"

"Ok, I'll do my best to keep them… simple"

"Oh! And..." Applejack leaned towards Rarity's ear and whispered "If y'all can make mine… y'all know… a little bit more… suggestive, if y'all know what Ah mean, Ah would really appreciate it"

"Oh" Rarity giggled "I know what you mean… don't worry, I'll make sure to make a dress that will leave his mouth agape" Said Rarity winking at her friend.

"Thanks, now, Ah must go. Oh! Ah almost forgot, y'all got some easy tips about make-up? Not too much, just to emphasize…"

"Of course, come here tomorrow and I will help you with that"

"Thank y'all kindly Rarity, Ah really appreciate this. Ah'll be sure to save a barrel of mah 'Special Cider' for y'all" Said Applejack winking at her friend.

"Oh! That would be… wonderful" said Rarity blushing "And this time I will make sure to hide it from Sweetie Belle, we don't want to re-live that event…"

"Poor filly, we found'er passed out outside the Crusaders Club-House… Well Ah should be goin' then. See y'all tomorrow!"

"Okay, I will be anxiously waiting for you dear"

"AAAPPLEBLOOOOOM!! LET'S GOOOOO!" shouted Applejack, calling her sister so they could go.

"Thank you for making me deaf…" said sarcastically Rarity, rubbing her ears, which were still ringing.

"Sorry Rarity"

By that time, Applebloom had finished asking Sweetie Belle the favours, and was ready to go, so she said goodbye to both unicorns, and left the boutique with her sister.

In the other part of Ponyville, a cyan pegasus was being pursued, but she didn't knew that, and was flying directly to Sweet Apple Acres, until she heard something.


Rainbow Dash didn't recognize the voice at first, so she turned and looked to the floor, and spotted an orange, violet, and blue blur quickly getting closer, leaving a cloud of dust behind. She decided to land, so the blur could catch her, and recognize who it was. After some seconds she could see clearly, and realized it was Scootaloo, riding her scooter, approaching at full speed. In the last second, she stopped flapping her wings, and turned them to face the wind, using them as a break, coming to a complete stop just in front of Rainbow "Wow, the kiddo it's getting good at this "

"Hello pipsqueak, 'sup?"

"Hi. Rain. Bow…" Said Scootaloo between pants.

"Catch your breath Scoots, then tell me what's happening, it's something wrong?"

Scootaloo breathed deeply and recovered a normal cardiac and pulmonary rate. "Everything is alright Dash, well, not exactly... I mean… Aaarghh! Why is this so… really hard?"

Rainbow giggled and said "What's wrong kid. Do you have a problem with something?"

"Well, Ah'll say this without sugar-coat. Rainbow Dash, have you ever had a coltfriend?"


"Have. You. Ever. Had. A. Coltfriend?"

"N-No… Why do you ask such a thing?"

"Do you like colts? Or do you like mares?"

"Scootaloo, Why are you asking this kinda things!?"

"Do you like, or dislike mares?"

"Ok, ok, I think I like mares… Happy? Now tell me what's wrong with you"

"Are you in love with a mare?"

"Okay, now stop it right there, this is too personal. What do you think you're doing asking me this kinda things out of the blue? Are you feeling okay?"

"Please Dash, can you answer my question? Please? Then I'll tell you everything you need to know"

"Ok. I trust you pipsqueak, but you can't tell this to no-pony, do you understand?"

"Yes. I wasn't planning on telling nopony anyways…"

Rainbow Dash signalled her to come closer, "I'm in love with Applejack"

Scootaloo listened, then her mouth went agape, then she gasped, and finally, she jumped towards Rainbow and tackled her to the ground with a powerful hug.

"Yeaaaahh!! That were the best news I've received today!"

"Wait. What?"

"Oh, right, you don't understand a thing about what's happening…"

"Umm, no"

"Well, get ready to an unstoppable flow of words" Scootaloo gasped for breath in a very comical way and said "I was asking you about this because I was insecure about myself, and every time I don't know what to do, I think 'What would Rainbow Dash do?' but I've never listened about you with any colt, so I thought maybe you were into mares, but I've never listened about that neither, so I needed to find you to ask you what I've just asked you. Because I'm insecure about my sexuality, I love a filly but I though it was wrong, but if you do it, then it's awesome, so I can do it too" Scootaloo gasped again for enough air to replenish her lungs. Rainbow Dash was petrified; she was still processing everything the little orange pegasus had just told her. "Am I really THAT important to her? Am I really her role model? Then… she told me she likes fillies, isn't she too young for this? I should talk her about this "

"Y-you said… did you say you liked a filly?"

"Yeah, I guess I do…"

"Aren't a little bit young to think about your sexuality kiddo?"

"You really think that? Remember where and how I live… I gotta grow fast to survive, so I'm mature enough, even if my body isn't" said looking at her small wings.

"Oh, yeah, right" Rainbow remembered Scootaloo's life style, Scootaloo was an orphan, but she escaped the orphanage. She hasn't told her where she sleeps everyday yet, or how was she able to go to school without any responsible pony to certify her. The kid was good, she had to admit it, and if it wasn't because her wings were weak and she was a terrible room-mate, she would have taken her home with her a long time ago. She loved the kid, but she was too proud to admit it. Anyways she always gave her some bits, or food now or then. She was amazed of how she could keep this secret from the rest of the crusaders, or Cheerilee. She wanted to tell somepony to adopt her, but Scootaloo made her promise not to tell anypony, or she would escape again, and go to another city, and Dash didn't want to lose her forever, so she planned on keeping it secret until she raise enough money to a grounded home so she could adopt her, or until Scootaloo's wings were stronger and able to fly, whatever would happen first.

"Well, I can't scold you about that, because I'm in the same situation, in part, I'm glad I'm not the only one, now tell me, who's the filly that stole your heart?"

"Um… Applebloom" Said blushing Scootaloo

"Really?" said incredulous Rainbow Dash

"Yeah… Got a problem with that?"

"Wow, kiddo, don't kill me! I was just asking. You know? We really are alike pipsqueak, maybe that's why you are so important to me"

"I'M IMPORTANT TO YOU?" Scootaloo squealed like a little schoolfilly, but thinking about it, she was a schoolfilly, so let's say she just squealed in delight of knowing she was dear to her idol.

"Of course you are kiddo" "And someday, I'll be the one to keep you warm, happy, and safe, just wait, and you will see " "Now come here and gimme a hug"

They shared a hug, and Rainbow then noogied her lightly, she couldn't take a long doze of sweetness, she wasn't like that, only Scoots could make her make this kind of things, and she had to punish her because of that. Scootaloo just laughed and pretended to fight it and to be hurt.

In that moment, they saw Derpy Hooves flying towards them, and after spotting Rainbow Dash, she stopped and saluted her. Rainbow Dash said

"Hi Derpy, how are you today?"

"Mfphinph!" Said with a letter in her mouth, she gave it to Dash and then, with the mouth empty replied "Fine! They send me to give this to you, it's from... wait… wait a minute, I'll remember… OH! It's from Applejack! Sorry, you know my memory isn't the best of Ponyville" said apologetically.

"It's okay Derpy, you have the will to do everything you're up to, and that's something not every-pony has, and you should be proud of that"

"Thank you Rainbow Dash! Oh! And you are…" said talking to Scootaloo "Wait; don't tell me… you're one of the three kids that do every kind of things to try to get their cutie marks… The… Cutie Mark Paladins! No… no... Crusaders! Am I right?"


"You are… Scooter… no Scoota… Scoota… Scootaloo!"

"Yeah, that's my name!"

"Woohoo, today must be my lucky day, usually I don't remember three things in a row! This is "a visit to Carrot Top"-worthy. See you later girls"

The girls wave at her, and then looked at each other. Suddenly they heard Derpy in the distance say "Aren't you Rarity's sister? Another crusader! Sweetie Pretty! No… Sweetie Belle! Your friend Scootaloo it's over there! Wow, today certainly IS my lucky day, this calls for a muffin!"

In seconds they could make out the figure of the white unicorn filly running towards them. Scootaloo walked towards her and in they met midway.

"Hey Sweetie, 'sup?"

"Well hello Scootaloo, I was looking for you"

"What's the matter? Something's wrong?"

"Oh, no, no, dear, there's nothing wrong"

"Sweetie Belle, you should stop being too much time around Rarity, calling me 'dear' every two seconds it's really getting on my nerves"

"Sorry. Like I was saying, I was looking for you, because I have something to tell you. Well it's Applebloom the one that has to tell you, but she couldn't come here so she asked me to tell you instead"

"Okay, what is it?"

"I'll quote her exact words" Sweetie Belle cleared her throat and said "Ah wanna see y'all in two days at Sugarcube Corner, Ah need y'all to be free all day"

"Ooookay… Did she tell you what are we going to do?"

"Oh, I'm not going, it's just you and Applebloom, for a whole day, alone… And no, she didn't tell me what are you going to do in that date "

"What did you say?"

"She didn't tell me what are you going to do in that day…"

"Oh, I guess I misheard. Well thank you for telling me the message, now, I need to talk with Rainbow, so…"

"It's okay, I should leave anyways. Rarity will kill me if I'm late for our tea-party"

"See ya!"


Scootaloo then returned at Rainbow's side and just sat down thinking. Rainbow was reading the letter for the fifth time now.

"So… what's the letter about?"

"She. Asked. Me. To. A. Day. With. Her. A full day! Oh Celestia this is so awesome!"

"Yeah, Applebloom asked me to a day with her too, in two days I have to meet her at Sugarcube Corner"

"In two days? That's the same day I meet with Applejack… This is perfect!"


"Don't you realise? A full day with our beloved earth farm-ponies, a full day to show them how awesome we are, and to win their hearts!"

"But I got nothing to impress her…"

"Yes you do! Your scooter abilities! I'll help you improve them. Also I'll help you to be cool, because let's realise this. We aren't beautiful, nor pretty, but we are awesome! And maybe, I can find some of my old clothes and gave it to you, not that I fit in them anyways…"

"Wow, would you really give me some of your clothes?"

"Of course pipsqueak, and if they don't fit you, I'll buy you a new one"

"Oh no, no, no. You know I like to take care of myself without any help, if you gave me your old cloth it's okay, but I won't accept you buying me anything"

"Okay, okay, I won't"

"So… We'll practice today all y'all remember about manners n' etiquette. Right?"


"And tomorrow we are goin' to see Rarity, to help us with the dressin' and make-up thing?"


"Are y'all sure they'll like this?"

"First of all my dear sister. You will have to learn to speak with propriety, remember, what we are going to do, is to show our beloveds the other part of us, show them we are not 'one trick ponies' do you understand?" Said Applejack changing her normal southern accent and voice tone, for a one that sounded pretty much like her aunt Orange.

"Wow… How can Ah talk like that!" said Applebloom, mouth agape.

"First, you need to modulate the 'ah's in 'I's. You see? I. My. Also, you should start using 'Yes' instead of 'eyup', 'yeah' or other word of that nature, try it"

The two earth ponies spent the evening trying to get used talking that way.

Meanwhile, two pegasus ponies were trying to polish some skills. The younger orange pegasus was on her scooter, she was told to act as a drawing doll, and just stay still and let herself be moved by the older one.

"So, with a slight change in your gravity point, and a little practice, you will be able to take somepony on a ride with you, without that cart you use with the crusaders. Which means you could go to Sweet Apple Acres to pick Applebloom up, and then go to Sugarcube Corner" She looked at Scootaloo and putted her hooves on the little pegasus's shoulders, implying she needed to pay attention "Trust me, it seems to be something silly and easy to you, but it will give you a serious quantity of 'points'. If you know what I mean… Also, you can tell Applebloom that she needs to stay veeeery close to you and hug you "for security", oh! And that she must be really close to you, so she doesn't bother your wings when you are flapping them"

"But Dash, we both know that isn't necessary, our wings can stretch a little to the sides so she'll know what I'm thinking!" Scootaloo groaned at her, a little annoyed because of such a silly advice.

"Exactly, WE both know, but she doesn't" RD said grinning.

"Oooohhh… oh, you're such a sly pony…"Scoots joked and pointed her hoof at Dash.

"Me! Oh no, no, no, of course not!" Said Rainbow Dash putting an angelical and good-girly face, while a ray of sunlight descends from between the clouds giving her a golden aura.

"How is she even capable of doing that? I know pegasus can control the weather, but not from down here, and not like that "

"Ok so, as I said, you got to…" Said Rainbow Dash, trying to make her little apprentice capable of doing stunts and other things that she didn't knew she was capable of.

So the four ponies practiced for two days, so they could impress their beloveds in the date. Each one in their own way. Will the day come when everything goes as they want? Or will the strings of destiny tangle again and mess with their plans?
Well, I think this is a good day to post this. I've posted ahead of my planned date, so maybe you'll have to wait a little bit more for chapter 3! But today was perfect so I couldn't resist.

This is a Yuri Ship-Fic of MLP:FIM. Scootabloom and Appledash.

I'm from a non-english speaking country, so if you spot any error, please let me know, I won't be offended

Ther are three more chapters to come, and there're two more that I'm not sure yet if I'll do them or not, but they aren't relevant to the storyline, so it won't change the course of events if I write them or not.

Please, let me know if you like it, because if not, i will stop writing the next chapters.

I don't own anything but the words, MLP:FIM belongs to Hasbro

EDIT: There's no Major change, but I added a preview image, I'll make new ones each chapter depending on what happens in the chapter. I don't make the vectors, I just modify them, change some faces and colors.
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