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February 7, 2012
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Chapter One: These New Feelings

An Appledash-Scootabloom Fic

Applejack was quietly sitting under a tree in Sweet Apple Acres, patiently waiting for her best friend Rainbow Dash, who was in her way because Applejack had invited her to a friendly competition of Horseshoes that afternoon. AJ loved having a good day with Dash, because every competition, every race, every fight, every discussion just made her like Rainbow even more. She had become her best friend in no-time, she felt a connection with Rainbow Dash she had never felt with nopony else, she felt like the two of them, were just one pony, like they were part of the same entity, around Dash she felt safe, confident, happy, complete… and many times, she felt alone when she wasn't there, even if she was with her family, or the rest of their friends. Yes, she was her best friend, because, what other relation could make her feel that way towards anypony? None… Right?

Nearby, Rainbow Dash was flying, making some tricks and turns, relaxing herself while she was going to meet her orange friend. To Rainbow, Applejack was the sweetest, most reliable, funniest, beautiful, honest southern gal she had ever met.

"Wait, what? Did I just think of Applejack as "beautiful"? Well, she is kinda pretty actually… But what am I thinking; she is a mare for Celestia's Sake. "

Dash shook those thoughts away while arriving to a hill in Sweet Apple Acres she knew too well, that place had been their meeting point for ages. When she spotted AJ she thought to herself.

"Well, I could use this moment to show off; I will let her amazed with my moves. "

And so she started to make barrel rolls, loop-de-loops, and then she nose-dived to the ground at great speed, just to slow down a second before crashing, walk a little and put an emotionless face like nothing had happened.

"Heh… this pony and her fancy flying, she does looks amazing when she's in the air, it's spectacular, she's… she's like an angel… an angel that came to see me. "

Applejack realized her own train of thoughts, and she tried to dissipate them, just in time for Dash to greet her:

"Hey AJ! 'Sup my favourite farmpony?"

"Howdy Dash! Ah'm feelin' just dandy, how about y'all?"

"I'm fine, I had a great sleep, so I'm ready to destroy you at horseshoes" said the pegasus with a cocky smile.

AJ knew she was doing that on purpose, Rainbow always loved trying to make her angry, the earth pony knew that, and she liked it, it made everything more competitive, she grinned slightly and responded.

"Oh! Y'all sure 'bout that? Y'all really think y'all can beat the Apple family champion?"

"Yep, the Iron Pony doesn't lose to nopony. Race to the barn?" asked anxiously Dash.

"Y'all know the answer." said Applejack, getting in position to start sprinting.

Both mares ran as fast as they could to where the competition would take place, it was next to the new barn, the one that would never been completed if it wasn't for the help of Rainbow Dash. After helping AJ destroying it, she actually offered to help her built the new one, which was a blessing, since Granny Smith was too old, Applebloom too young, and only two ponies were too few to raise a barn from the dust, even if those two ponies were Applejack and Big Macintosh, the strongest farmponies around, also, they needed somepony who could reach high places, it made everything a lot easier, and Applejack was very grateful that the cyan pony helped, even if at first she couldn't believe that the lazy, work-hating pegasus would want to help her.

They arrived to the barn at the exact same time, but, as always.

"Hah! I won!" Said Rainbow Dash, bragging and celebrating a victory that was nothing but a tie.

"Now hold yer horses Rainbow, y'all know we get here at the same time" Protested the orange mare.

"No we didn't!"

"Rainbow…" AJ just stared at her friend for some seconds, until Rainbow's brave and proud façade fell apart.

"Alright, alright, it was a tie" said disappointed and a little bit angry.

"Oh, Rainbow, y'all know Ah can't lie, and Ah can't stand other pony lying neither. And cheer up, it wouldn't feel right to clean the floor with a depressed pony at horseshoes" said Applejack, mocking, and waiting it would work the way she wanted to.

"I'm not depressed!" said RD angrily.

"But Ah'm gonna mop the floor with y'all anyways?" asked AJ with a sly smile forming in her mouth, "She fell perfectly, jes like Ah had expected… "

RD just started to mumble unintelligible thing because of her frustration and then just angrily said:

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever… let's play already!"

"Alright gal, jus' remember. We have two throws, if the distance between the stake and your 2 horseshoes is closer than mine's y'all win, and the one who makes a ringer wins anyhow, Ready?"

"I was born ready AJ"

Both mares grabbed a horseshoe in their mouth and tossed it near the stake, in the first try Applejack's horseshoe hit the top of the stake and bounced 1 foot away from the target, while Rainbow's horseshoe landed 5 inches from the target. Dash smiled and said imitating AJ's accent:

"And that's how we do it down here on the farm"

"Don't get pumped up already, there's one throw left sugarcube" said green-eyed pony a little bit annoyed by Dash's mock.

Next throw would decide the winner, and AJ couldn't let somepony who wasn't from the Apple family take the title of Champion of Horseshoes. She decided to let her friend make the first throw.

"Y'all go first sugarcube, Ah don't wanna see y'all throw bad after seeing me do a ringer"

"Oh you are SO confident you're going to win? Well that's not happening little farmfilly. Watch this!"

RD threw her last horseshoe, which hit the stake but with the branches looking at them, so the horseshoe just stopped there, touching the stake, but not circling it

"Hah! Beat that Jackie!"

AJ grunted upon hearing that nickname, she hated it, it was... too masculine, and make her feel unfillylike. She knew she was tomcoltish, but still, hearing Rainbow Dash call her like that made her feel strange. She shook those feelings and thoughts for later, she had no time for that now, she needed to win a certain competition.

The farmpony knew there was a lot over the table to lose.

   She only had one throw, one opportunity,
   to seize everything she ever wanted.
   She needed to make sure Rainbow knew who was the best at horseshoes.
   She had just one moment.
   Would she capture it, or just let it slip?

   Her hooves were sweaty, her knees felt weak, she felt heavy.
   she was nervous, but on the surface she looked calm and ready to throw,
   The clock was running out, time for worries was up, she needed to throw

   She snapped back to reality, she calculated gravity.
   " Oh, there goes Fluttershy's rabbit " she got distracted.
   STOP, she needed to focus.
   She remembered her Grandfather Marshall Apple Mathers's words:

   "Y'all have to lose yerself in the game, the moment
    Y'all own it, y'all better never let it go
    Y'all only get one shot, do not miss yer chance to throw,
    It doesn't matter how many tries y'all got,
    The opportunity is just one in the game time"

Applejack focused, she was psyched now, this was going to be easy, she had been doing this since she was born, so to say. She threw the horseshoe, which flew straight to the stake and touched the stake with the inner edge; it started spinning around the stake doing a metallic sound that announced the winner of the game.

AJ felt very happy, and faced Dash preparing to mock her about losing, but after looking at Rainbow's sad face, she walked to her and put her hoof on the rainbow maned pegasus's  shoulder and decided to keep it for herself. Her rose-eyed friend wasn't exactly a good sport. In that moment she noticed that her friend's face was a mixture of lost pride, anger and sadness, she was about to ask her if she was feeling alright, when Rainbow told her:

"That doesn't prove anything. The Ironpony won't lose her title that easy!"

Before Applejack could finish understanding what was happening, she felt something pushing her to the ground and pinning her in the floor. "So, this is how y'all want it? Then it is on Sugarcube " That's how the wrestling started, but gradually, it was turned in a tickling fight while they're rolling down the hill they have reached in their friendly fight, suddenly they softly hit a tree, but that little amount of time was sufficient for Applejack to find RD's weak point. What happened next would change their life in a way neither of them could imagine. Rainbow fell over her friend after her strength escaped her thanks to Applejack's tickles; when she fell, a little cloud of dust raised and covered their eyes. They couldn't see, but they could hear, feel, smell… and taste.

"Wha-What happened? Is… is that the smell of… apples? But I smell something else… its sweat, but… it smells good, it's intoxicating. Yeah, it must be an apple, that taste can't be mistaken. But how? We were wrestling with AJ 'till we hit that tree… that must be… but, how come I can taste the apple but I never felt it fell over me? And talking about over, wasn't I over Appleja…"

"Whoa Nelly, Ah feel like a tree fell over me, wha' happened? Tarnation! Ah can't see a thing. Wha's that smell? It's like the refreshing breeze after a downpour, and... that taste… is like spicy, yet sweet, Ah don't recall tasting that before. But what is it anyways? Last thing Ah remember is that Dash fell ov…

Both mares opened her eyes hoping that it wasn't what they thought, but you know life, it's never that easy. They were they, a rainbow-maned, rose-eyed, cyan pegasus, and a golden-maned, emerald-eyed, orange earth pony, under a tree, by a hill, next to the barn, on Sweet Apple Acres, on the outskirts of Ponyville, in the land of Equestria. There were they, but there was a tiny itty bitty witty little problem, they were linked together by the warm bond that was the kiss. Their eyes went wide as saucers after the realization of what they were doing, and their minds were running at a thousand miles per hour.

"Oh Celestia, I'm kissing Applejack! This can't be truth. Please Princess let this just be a bad dream. Oh gosh this is embarrassing, weird and immoral. OH NO! What if… What if she thinks I did it on purpose and doesn't want to be my friend anymore! I don't wanna lose her! She's my bestest friend in the whole wide world of Equestria… Ewwgh… That sounded too Pinkie-like…KEEP IT TOGHETER RAINBOW WE ARE DEALING WITH SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT! YOUR WHOLE FRIENDSHIP COULD BE IN TROUBLE FOR CELESTIA'S SAKE! Why does this happen to me! B-but… it feels so sweet… it's… it feels so good, so relaxing… like… like it was meant to happen… and this feeling running through my body, it's so…  pleasing. "

"Oh no. Tell me we aren't…  Eyup, we are kissing. Celestia this is so awkward…Ah knew life was too generous lately. Ah should have known better than to expect everything to go jes' fine, life is rarely like that. If y'all feeling that everything's right, then sumthin' must be comin'. Y'all enjoying this Celestia? Ah bet y'all are…Nothing can go okay to poor lil' AJ can it?  This was the best relationship Ah ever had with sumpony, and now ruined 'cus of this! Ah hope Rainbow understands that it was an accident… a very, very enjoyable accident.

Both mares just let themselves get lost in the moment, it was more than any of them could take. They both needed this, they both liked this, they both were unconsciously wanting this, but they didn't knew back then, it would take a little bit more for them to understand that.

That's were they snapped back to reality and realized what was happening and what they were doing, they immediately broke the kiss, and got up quickly, both blushing furiously, their eyes refusing to meet. The first to talk was Applejack:

"A-Ah… Ah am mighty sorry with wha' happened Rainbow, it was an accident, Ah jes' tickled y'all, and then y'all fell over me, and well…" Said Applejack, staring at the ground, circling a little rock on the floor with her hoof.

"Yeah, no prob AJ, I know you didn't mean it. It… it was all an accident, just that!" said Rainbow with a cracking voice.

The earth pony raised her head to see Dash to the eyes, their glances met, both blushed again, after a wave of memories of what happened seconds ago hit them. An awkward and disturbing silence was present in the atmosphere. Rainbow decided to break it by saying

"Well… I think I can hear my food calling"

"Eeeyup, n' Ah remember that Ah left the clothes in the oven"

"So… see you another day Apples!" said the pegasus, while opening her wings, and taking off

"Y-yeah, see you another day Rainbow"

" 'Food calling'? Oh My Gosh. That has to be the stupidest excuse ever. " Rainbow Dash thought, while facehoofing in mid-air. "I really need to find Fluttershy. NOW"

" 'Clothes in the oven'? Ah don't even have more than one or two dresses, and Ah never use them. N' why would them be in the oven? Ah'm sure Rainbow thinks Ah'm stupid now " Applejack wondered while heading to her home.

This was a strange and complicated situation for both mares:
First: They had just kissed another mare
Second: That "mare" was their best friend
Third: They both enjoyed it
Forth: It was their first kiss so they didn't knew what to expect

On her way home, Applejack thought about this whole problem.
" Well, let's analyze this. It was awkward, but Ah should let that aside, how did Ah feel about it? How do Ah feel about Rainbow? Do Ah really think of her that way? No, Ah can't, Ah am not into mares! But… how do Ah know? Ah never been with a colt neither! Thinkin' about the past… Ah've never fallen fer nopony, Ah was so immersed in the work at the orchard, the bucking, mah family, raisin' Applebloom since Ma n' Pa passed away" She had never thought in nothing related to love, and now here she was, thinking about her best friend, after an accidental kiss, and sincerely, she didn't know what to do so she decided to separate the problem in hoof in three parts, and tried attacking it part by part.

"First, the kiss: It… It felt good Ah can't deny it. It sent shivers down mah spine, but… in a good n' arousing way, it… it filled me with joy, and relief. And that spicy yet sweet taste in mah mouth, Ah loved it, but…No, Ah need to think this only with facts and feelin's, moral n' society are out fer some minutes! Since when do Ah talk like that? Keep focused Applejack, to the matter on hoof.

Second, Rainbow Dash: We've been friends since she got to Ponyville, Ah can't deny that Ah always felt sumthin' fer her, but not like that, it was… like a connection we had…like if we were meant to be together… Now that Ah see it after what happened, it does look like Ah like her a little bit more than as a friend, maybe… Ah-Ah'm not sure. Maybe Ah'll see it clearly if Ah compare mah feelins fer her, with the rest of the gals, so Ah'll see if Ah think of her as a friend n' nothing more. Should Ah compare them one by one? Well, Ah'll try that first:

Twilight Sparkle: We are very good friends, she would do anything fer us, but she's like… it's like she lives somewhere else, somewhere between those books, and though she beat us in the Runnin' of the Leaves, she isn't  into havin' rough fun.

Rarity: We're friends, and she is a great pony but we… we… don't match, yeah, let's go with that. Ah mean, y'all could ask her anythin' n' she'll try to help y'all, unless there's dust, mud, rain, or anything that could stain her coat involved. N' livin' in an orchard n' everything, mah way of livin' is unmatchable with hers.

Fluttershy: She has to be the most willin'-to-help, loving, n' caring pony in all of Equestria, but she's too... scaredy-cat fer me although she's a great help with those thievin' vermins. Also, even if we are her best friends, we don't get to see her that much, except for Rarity who sees her every week for their fru-fru spa girly day, n' Rainbow, but well, they've been friends since they were little fillies.

Pinkie Pie: It's a really good gal, a sweet friend, but... I can't always follow her, always talkin' about strange things, n' appearing out of seemingly nowhere, or fitting spaces too little for her. Ah don't know, but she's... Ah don't even know how to describe her.

N' at last, her.

Rainbow Dash: The laziest, slyest, most querulous, headstrong, less working pony Ah have ever seen, but also the most loyal, willing, competitive one, and Ah like that about her, she'll never decline a race, or a fight in the mud, or a game of horseshoes, nah, she's no fru-fru pony, she's tough, she's beautiful... wait, did Ah jus... Eeyup Ah did, so there's no surprise then, Ah do like her as something more than a friend, but do Ah love her?. When we are together Ah never feel alone, insecure, or lost. N' the mere fact that she is there beside me gives me strength to do whatever Ah put mah head into, Ah... Ah would do anything for Dash. Is this what they all call "love"? Do Ah love Rainbow Dash? A-Ah don't know… but Ah do know that Ah appreciate her a lot.

Third: We. Are. Mares. Both of us. Am Ah a fillyfooler? Ah mean, Ah don't have anything against them, Ah know a lot of fillyfoolers and coltcuddlers, but does mah barn's door swing that way? N' more important, does Rainbow's barn swing that way? Ah mean she's tomcoltish but, this is different. Wha-What if Rainbow doesn't like 'em, what if she hates 'em? Maybe now she hates me. Oh… Should Ah apologize? But it wasn't mah fault, Ah didn't mean for it to happen! A-Ah can't think 'bout this alone, Ah need to get somebody else to help me.

Now the problem was to find somebody to talk about this delicate problem. This was far too important to treat it with her friends, so the search narrowed to her family, but Applebloom was too young for her to talk her about this kind of things, and Granny Smith was too old, maybe she wouldn't accept her being in love (if she really was in love with Dash) with another mare. So it was clear, she needed to talk to Big Macintosh, this was perfect for Applejack, because her brother was really intelligent and very understanding, despite what everypony thought. Big Mac was the biggest, strongest, and laborious pony in Ponyville, but he spent his free time reading big books about philosophy, ancient literature, physics, and natural sciences, yes, Applejack was lucky to have him to ask him about this.

She entered the house and went straight to the Apple family's lecture room, this room was filled with all sort of books collected by the Apples since they settled in Ponyville, but the only one who had read any of them was Big Macintosh, and Granny Smith's Dad, who was the one that came up with the idea of collecting them for the family library. Applejack chuckled thinking how would Twilight Sparkle react if she discovers this rooms, she would either faint out of pure emotion, jump in circles saying "YESYESYESYESYESYESYES"  or just yell at her for hiding this from her. When she entered the room, Big Macintosh, who was sitting in the couch reading a tome about different types of soil and which was the best for an apple orchard.

As soon as she entered the room, Big Mac catch a glimpse of her face by moving his eyes up, away from the book he was reading. When he saw her fake smile and her eyes darting to the sides, avoiding meeting his eyes, he knew she was hiding something and was nervous about it; her sister was such a bad liar, but this made his work easier.

"Y'all need sumthin' lil' sis? Y'all look troubled." said in that soft  yet powerful voice he had. Some seconds passed with Applejack not saying a single word, so Macintosh decided to intensify his stare on her.

"Well… to be sincere with y'all, Ah do…" finally said Applejack letting out a sigh, she started blushing lightly, but she couldn't come with the words nor find the courage to tell her brother what happened. Unluckily, or luckily, she wasn't very sure; she didn't need to do it.

"So, it was a kiss" said her brother, calmly, like it was nothing, returning his gaze to the book.

"How did y'all know?" said Applejack surprised about what her brother had just said.

"Well, it was a tad obvious. Y'all are blushin' lightly, so it was either sumthin' embarrassing or y'all have been too much under the sunlight, and seeing y'all are wearing yer Stetson, the second option was discarded. Also, yer eyes are darting back and forth, avoiding meeting mah gaze, it must be sumthin' y'all aren't sure to tell me, and everypony knows that a big brother doesn't like so much the idea of sumpony kissin' his lil' sis. Oh, and you're slightly licking yer lips, so it was sweet huh? Who is the lucky mare?" concluded the red stallion.

"He has just deciphered the whole thing, n' he is saying it like its nuthin, like it is sumthin that happens everyday. How did he do it? Also, am Ah really licking mah lips ? "

"H-How… how did y'all know? How did y'all know it was a kiss! And… how did y'all know it was a mare?!" said Applejack with a dumbfounded and somehow terrified face.

"Come on sis! Don't y'all think Ah would know that kinda things by now? In fact, Ah think Ah know who was the lucky one, but Ah wanna hear it from y'all mouth" said, with a sly and somehow mischievous smile creeping in his face.

"It… It was… ItwasRainbowDashokay!?" said hastily Applejack, hoping maybe if she said fast it would be least embarrassing. It wasn't. Her brother started laughing slightly, then composed himself, seeing the look in his sisters face of annoyance, and a little bit hurt too.

"Ah'm sorry sis, it's… it's just that Ah can't help it, sorry but yer face. Okay now, why are y'all telling me this? What happened?" Said the golden-maned colt, as he regained his composure.

"It's… it's just that Ah don't know if Ah really like her, y'all know, like that , Ah'm no filly-fooler, or Ah think so… OH Ah don't know!"

"Its okay sis, hold yer horses. Now let's analyze this carefully. Y'all say yer not sure if y'all like mares?  Well let's answer that first, now think, have y'all ever fallen for any colt? And don't lie to me, Ah swear Ah won't get mad or anythin' like that"

"Uhm… Ah reckon Ah never fallen in love with no colt, but Ah never fell for no mare neither!" Said Applejack talking to her brother but also trying to convince herself of what she was saying.

"Okay, so y'all aren't sure about yer sexuality? Then lets try this way, what do y'all feel about Rainbow?" said her brother. The big red pony had left his book over the table, paying more attention to the matter in hoof, trying to help her sister in this situation that clearly had her stressed, and he couldn't let his kin down.

"Well… Ah like her, a lot, more than a friend, but Ah don't know if THAT way y'all understand?"

"Eeeyup. Well maybe it was just the emotion because this was yer first kiss. Tell me how exactly happened" stated Big Macintosh.

Applejack just told him everything that happened, from when she was sitting under the tree thinking about Rainbow, till she went to the house looking for him.

"Ah know! This is what y'all need to do." Said Mac, Applejack leaned closer to hear his idea "Invite her to a date"

"WHAT? A DATE? But Ah've already told y'all Ah don't know if Ah'm a filly-fooler! Also Ah don't know if she's a filly-fooler. How could y'all think it was a good idea?" said Applejack angrily, pointing at her brother.

"Look, invite her to a date, but don't tell her it's a date, try to do it as smooth as possible, it's just for y'all to realise if y'all feel sumthin for her, n' also try to see if she feels sumthin' for y'all, if everythin' goes right, then y'all like her n' she'll like y'all, everypony happy. N' in the worst of scenarios, even if y'all like her but she doesn't feel that way 'bout y'all, at least y'all know which way your barn door swings, also, if y'all fear her to hate you n' not wanting to be yer friend anymore, y'all know she's the element of loyalty, she'll never stop being yer friend, not even in the worst of cases. Y'all see? Y'all aren't really losing anythin', n' you can win a lot! N' don't doubt mah plan-making ability again sis" stated, pretending to sound angry, but he couldn't, he loved her sis too much.

"Well… if y'all put it that way, it does sounds promising… Okay, Ah'll do it, thank y'all very much Macintosh, Ah really needed somepony to talk to, thanks" Applejack approached to the couch where her brother was sitting and gave him a big hug. Then she said goodbye and went to her room to get some sleep, also, she needed to plan her date with Rainbow Dash.

When she was leaving the library room she bumped into her little sister, Applebloom, who also seemed to notice she was worried about something, because she looked like she was going to ask her something, Applejack knew it was inevitable now, she couldn't hide it anymore, so she just wait for it, and prepared the answer.

"Sis, Ah know sumthin's happening. Y'all 'kay?" asked the red-maned filly, seriously worried about her older sister.

"Eh… Umm… A-Ah…" Applejack stuttered, "Should Ah talk to her 'bout this kinda things? She's just a lil' filly, Ah can't tell her 'bout this, but Ah can't keep it from'er. Ah'm not the best liar, n' she knows it, Ah must tell her, but what if she hates me? Big Mac it's old enough to have his own opinion, but she may not be that comprehensive 'bout this. Aww shoot, Ah can't escape, Ah'll just say it n' accept whatever she wanna tell me later "

"What y'all don't wanna me to know? Don't y'all trust yer sis?" said Applebloom pouting and looking at her with a face that could melt the heart of a Windigoe.

"Ah… Ah can't lie to y'all Applebloom, Ah'll just say the truth. Ah'm in love with somepony, Ah think…"

"Oh sis that's wonderful! Why didn't y'all tell me such a thing?"

"Well… 'cause Ah'm not exactly in love with a colt, i-i… it's a mare Applebloom." Said somehow sternly, like if that would shield her from a negative answer.

"Yeah, aand? That's just better" Her sister said happily as she started skipping around the orange farmpony "'cause now Ah feel better not being the only po…" She suddenly stopped skipping, and just stared to the horizon with her eyes wide as saucers "Shoot! Ah shouldn't have said that " "A-Ah mean… umm… oh who am Ah tryin' to fool, Ah got nuthin"

"What do y'all mean being the only? Are y'all telllin' me y'all love a filly?" said Applejack obviously shocked to her very core "B-but aren't y'all a lil young to be in love? Y'all too young to truly know about yer sexuality dear"

"Ah am not! Ah am a big pony! Y'all know Ah'm the most mature of mah friends, also Ah realize what Ah'm doin', Ah know it isn't 'what the society thinks as normal ' but Ah don't care what they say, Ah love her! Y'all know? Ah don't even know if Ah like all fillies , Ah just feel like that with her y'all know? She makes me feel alive, when Ah'm with her Ah feel like Ah'm invincible, Ah feel that a minute with her is an eternity, a sweet n' blessed eternity, Ah'm sure Ah could live mah whole life just with her, n' not feel alone at all. Ah just wanna make her happy, Ah would do anything to see her smile, Ah would exchange a year of mah life fer just one minute with her. 'cause she's the only one who can bring me up when Ah'm feeling at my worst, when nopony, not even mah family can make me happy, she can." Said Applebloom, sighing as she ended the explanation of her deep love for this unknown filly.

Applejack was dumbfounded, astonished, perplexed, paralysed. She hadn't expected such deep words from such a little filly as her sis, but then again she was the most mature in her class, and very intelligent, she was also one of the most patient ones, except when her cutie mark was involved in the matter, if that was the case, her sister would do anything just to make it appear earlier "Ah swear she's gonna get really hurt one day if she keep tryin' those wacky plans "

"Okay lil sis, if y'all are sure of what yer doin', Ah'm not gonna say anythin' against it. In fact Ah'm glad Ah'm not alone in this. But now please, Ah'm dyin' to know who's the lucky filly? Is it Rarity's sis?" asked Applejack, trying to guess who was her little sister's crush "She is such a cute filly, n' she's very polite n' always has her coat n' mane well kept, like her sister Ah must add"

"Are y'all seriously suggesting ME to fall for a gal like her? Ah mean she is cool n' all that, but, y'all seriously thought that Ah would like a fru-fru girl like her? Is like thinkin' about y'all and Rarity" said Applebloom, a little bit annoyed about her sister's question.

"Oh please Celestia no…" said her sister half seriously, half joking.

Both giggled at the joke, and the Applejack went for the only option left

"Its Scootaloo then, isn't she?"

"Well…" Applebloom started looking at the floor, blushing a little, with that stupid smile in her face that all ponies in love get, and started drawing circles with her hooves.

"Does she knows about this?" asked Applejack trying to fully know the situation in which her little sister was.

"Uumm… eenope. Ah can't tell her! What if she doesn't like me anymore, or think Ah'm weird and don't wants to be mah friend anymore? Ah couldn't live with that"

Applejack thought for a moment "She's in the same predicament Ah'm in, maybe she could do the same thing Ah'm gonna do, to conquer her lil friend's heart "

"Ah know exactly what we are going to do. Y'all need to invite Scootaloo to a date in two days, but y'all ain't going to tell her it's a date. In these two days we're gonna practice and beautify ourselves to conquer our beloveds in that date. But first, will need somepony's help, n' Ah know exactly where to go, It will be hard n' probably a little bit humilliatin', but Ah gotta do it"

Meanwhile, immediately after the kiss, Rainbow Dash also realised she needed someone to talk to, to clarify her thoughts. She knew exactly which pony she should visit. Her longest friend, and the one who have helped her whenever she crash-landed or got a cold working in the weather team in winter without a scarf, the one that always opened her door with that sweet smile and those caring eyes. The only pony that knew all of her secrets, the one she couldn't lie to. Fluttershy.

She was arriving to her cottage in the Everfree Forest; she landed in front of the door, and thought. "Come on Rainbow, you need to do this, you know you can't do it all in your own, she knows everything about you, you need to do it! Knock That Door Filly! "… Nothing happened; she just stared to the door, petrified in place. "Come on! You have to do it. You can't fly away of your problems forever " She finally got the courage, and knocked the door, slowly, lightly and hesitatingly, but she knocked it, and that's what counts. Nearly a minute later, the pale yellow pony opened the door, she saw her face and noticed she was uneasy about something; she said nothing and simply entered the house, leaving the door open, and going straight to the kitchen. Rainbow Dash took the hint and entered the house, closing the door with a soft kick, and sat on the couch. Seconds later, Fluttershy came back with two cups of chamomile tea, her favorite "Wow, she knows me better than I know myself… I guess that happens when you live a life with somepony, taking into account that we know each other since we were fillies. I love her so much, she is like the sister I've always wanted to have"

"Now, Rainbow, what's troubling your mind my dear?" said softly the animal-loving pegasus.  "Oh my! Where are my manners, do you want something else to drink? Or something to eat? oh… is it too hot in this room? Or maybe it's too cold? Do you nee-" started rambling the ever-helpful pony.

"I'm okay 'Shy, I don't need anything else, thank you anyways" Said Rainbow, before her friend get a heart-attack of nervousness "Oh Celestia, she's as insecure about being a good host as always. I can't deny she is pretty good at making people feel comfortable around her, guess that's why she's so good with animals, most of the time they're scared of ponies, and that's why it's hard to get near them "

"Um… If you say so… Anyways, why are you here Dash? You seem like something's bothering you" Said Fluttershy, calming down a little bit.

"Well… I… Umm…" "How do I start this conversation? I can't say it out of the blue, come to her house and tell her 'Hey, I kissed Applejack accidentally, I liked it and now I don't know what to do, what do you think?' that kind of conversation would destroy Fluttershy's fragile tranquility " "H-How can I tell this…"

"Come on, Rainbow, you know you can tell me anything, I won't be mad at you, nor judge you. I'll try to help, if I can, that is… if you don't feel like I'm bothering your private life. Tell me, i-if you like to, you know"

"It's not that Fluttershy, it's not that I don't trust you, on the contrary, that's why I'm here. You know me better than anyone, and I always come to you for advice, and right now, I had a problem. And now I need to come to terms with myself, and I need your help to do it. The problem is, that I don't know how to explain to you what happened, its… Its something that I think you may not be able to handle" said worriedly looking at the pink-maned pegasus.

"Oh, its that it… Well now that you've warned me, I will 'steel' myself for whatever you have to say. Now tell me, what happened to make you, the greatest, faster, coolest flyer in all of Equestria, uneasy"


Rainbow Dash proceeded to tell everything that had happened with Applejack, to Fluttershy, everything, from the horseshoe competition, to the kiss, also the feeling she had, and, she even told her about her thoughts before landing, when she thought that Applejack was beautiful. While the brash pegasus was talking and acting some parts, as she usually told stories, the soft and caring grounded pegasus, was just staring at her, listening to every single word, and began scooting towards Dash, slowly, but non-stopping.

"And that's why I'm here! Now do you understand why I was unsure to tell you? What do you think I should do? Worst part is, I don't know if I'm really a filly-fooler, and even if I'm one, do I love Applejack? And implying those two were correct. Is Applejack a filly-fooler? Aaagh, I don't know what to do! Flutts, are you even listening? What's wrong wi-"

She found herself silent, and silence was all around, not a sound could be heard, not her voice, not Fluttershy's voice, nothing, just one, little, noise. A sound that wasn't unfamiliar to Dash, not now, but nevertheless it shocked her, she didn't expect that. They were kissing. Fluttershy had locked lips with her. She had even wrapped her hooves around Dash. Rainbow didn't fight the kiss, but she didn't kiss back neither, she had so many things in her mind to do anything "Wh-What?!? Why? Fluttershy? Celestia, you're doing this on purpose aren't you? But, I must say… this feels good, this... warm, fuzzy feeling flowing through my veins… It's awesome! But… I also feel this… this burning, hollow sensation in my chest… Is it- is it because of… "

"Ohmygoodness, Ohmygoodness, Ohmygoodness, what am I doing? She has just confessed that she wasn't sure about her sexuality, and that she may love Applejack, and I come and kiss her? What was I thinking? Oh come on Fluttershy, you know you wanted this, for many years you've wanted to. To kiss her, and make so many other things, since you were fillies, don't try to hide it, you may be the quiet one, but we know you aren't the innocent one… Don't talk to me like I'm some kind of pervert pony. But I guess you are right, I do want to do this. I've desired it for too long… Let's savor this moment together. Wow, her lips are so soft, and her coat, it's so… silky, which you wouldn't imagine taking into account she's so athletic and tough. But… there's no spark, no sweetness…I don't feel that hot and blissful sensation everypony talks about… this isn't what I thought… M-maybe…maybe I'm not a filly-fooler? I should take into account that I've never liked any mare except for Rainbow Dash. Maybe this isn't my thing… Maybe all that love towards Rainbow was just because she was my savior and my best friend… and because all of the foals back in school were mean. But not every colt I've met since then was bad… Like the town's vet assistant Coconut Screenwalker, he was very nice with me, and he even asked me out, and I rejected him… maybe I should try talking to him? Maybe that way I can clear my mind, and realize what I want. Oh I don't know…

Seconds later, Rainbow Dash broke the kiss, shaking her head, the pain in her chest had been growing and she couldn't bear it anymore. Fluttershy was touching her own lips, and staring into the nothing, absent-minded.

"Would you be so kind to tell me what just happened? Shy… Are you listening to me? What's wrong now?" Said Rainbow Dash, with a very calm and soothing voice, unexpected taking into account what just happened between the two pegasus.

"I-I… I don't know" squeaked Fluttershy, worried about Dash's reaction

"Calm down Fluttershy. I'm not mad, just… let's start slowly, explain to me why did you kissed me"

"W-Well… I… I've had this crush, for so many years, and well… I thought I loved you, and, well I-I couldn't handle it anymore, I'm sorry..."

"It's okay, I'm not mad. Now, what happened after the kiss, why were you like you were, you know, absent-minded, and touching your lips"

Fluttershy took a deep breath, and sighed loudly, then she started telling Dash her reasons:

"Well… As I told you, I thought I loved you, since we were fillies, a few months after you saved me from the bullies, and after the race where both of us got our cutie mark; I started having these feelings… I was young back then, so I've never been in love before, and since you were my savior, and the closest pony to me, I started developing those feelings towards you. After that, I heard about love and also about filly-foolers, and I thought I was one of them, and that I loved you, and well, I just kept this for myself because I was too shy to confess my love to you. But well, you came to my house, and told me you were insecure about your sexuality, it was the closest I could ask for, also you were insecure about Applejack, and if you end up with her, this was my last opportunity, that's why I did what I did. But the problem is… When I kissed you… I…I didn't feel anything,  I mean I felt your lips, your coat… but no higher sensation… so I think that maybe I'm NOT a filly-fooler. I'm sorry if I confused you, or make you feel uncomfortable." Fluttershy finally ended her life story; she closed her eyes afraid of Dash's reaction and put her hooves in front of her face, shielding her form everything bad that could happen.

Dash reached a hoof, and touched her scared friend, Fluttershy jerked in fear assuming the worst. Dash started caressing her hooves and approached slowly. Then, she hugged her.

"It's okay Fluttershy, I'm not angry, I won't hurt you, trust me, relax and put down your hooves" Fluttershy did as she was told "Now come here, it's okay" Rainbow Dash hugged her harder and told her "I just wanted to tell you something… Thank you…" With that said, she let Fluttershy go.

Fluttershy just stared into her cyan friend's eyes with a stupid look on her face. Rainbow couldn't resist and started laughing

"Pff… Bwahaha, please change that face, I can't look at you and remain serious"

Fluttershy relaxed, and started snickering too. Rainbow fell on the floor which made both of them laugh even more. After some seconds of laughing, both friends sat back in the couch, and Fluttershy finally asked:

"Why did you thank me?"

"Well, it's easy, thanks to you, now I know myself!"

"Huh!? I-I think I'm not following you"

"Look, thanks to that kiss I understood two things about myself, things, that will change my future, maybe"

"And what did you found out?"

"I'm a filly-fooler, and even more important than that, I DO love Applejack"

"A-and how are you so sure about that?"

"You see, when you kissed me, first I was feeling good, I liked feeling your lips touching my lips, your arms around me. I was in a heavenly trance. But then, I thought of Applejack, and our previous kiss. And something changed, my chest was burning, but not in the good way, it was horrible, and I felt like a hole in my heart, like it was hollow, and that's when I realized that it was because of her, I loved her, and even if we are not in a relationship, kissing you, felt like cheating to me, and being the element of Loyalty and everything, I felt a physical pain, bigger than the one a normal pony would suffer"

"So… I-I actually helped you?"

"Yes, unwillingly, you helped me clear my mind, and as a bonus, you cleared YOUR mind! So you see, that's why I had to thank you. But now, I have something else to do"


"I need to see Applejack and tell her how I feel. Oh, and relax, I understand you think of me as a savior, but you're the one that's always taking care of me when I crash,  or strain a muscle, and stuff, so don't think that you're the defenceless pony, and that I'm your guard, it's really the other way around, I owe you half of my life Shy, also, you're the one that knows all about me, that's why nopony else will ever replace you. I hope you will always be there for me, just as I will always be there for you. Now I must go, I will see you later, and tell you how everything went" she winked at the pink-maned pony, walked to the door, opened it, and took off.
Well! This was hard.. but I'm finally done!... with chapter one...

This is a Yuri Ship-Fic of MLP:FIM. Scootabloom and Appledash.

This is the first time I write something this long, and I'm from a non-english speaking country, so if you spot any error, please let me know, I won't be offended

I've plan on doing three more chapters, and there're two more that I'm not sure yet if I'll do them or not, but they are completely optional, so it won't change the course of event's if I write them or not.

Please, let me know if you like it, because if not, i will stop writing the next chapters.

I don't own anything but the words, MLP:FIM belongs to Hasbro
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