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I am in need of money, because I need to get my girlfriend a way to move out. She really needs to, for various reasons I can't really detail, and it isn't easy for her to get the money. She can't get much help from family either, so it's up to her and well... me to get that money. She's looking out for jobs and other means to get money, and me being in the country I live in, and the currency value.... even if I started working full time, the money I'd make wouldn't be really much in dollars, for her. I really need it, guys and girls. So if any of you have the money, and want a piece of artwork made by yours truly... I'd deeply appreciate it if you contacted me. I'm very flexible, open minded for ideas, usually work fast and hard to get commisisons in really short time and most importantly... I'm doing this for love. So please, if you have money, want a drawing, a comic, a short frame per frame animation or a fic written, contact me, help me get my girlfriend what she deserves.

SFW No Background:
~Kiss~ by Gutovi-kunApplejack Plays Baseball by Gutovi-kunOh, You! - Fluttershy Vector by Gutovi-kunPinkie Mercury by Gutovi-kun
Apple Jewel Kiss by Gutovi-kunSupergirl - Pony by Gutovi-kunNaughty Flutterbat - Morrigan Aensland by Gutovi-kunCommission - Shortovi - Reaching You by Gutovi-kunFor Saucy Science by Gutovi-kun Commission - Derpy Pie Nibbling by Gutovi-kunScootaloo with G3.5 Look by Gutovi-kun

EQG SFW No Background:
Donna Noble - EQG by Gutovi-kunYo - EQG by Gutovi-kunAkira - EQG by Gutovi-kunFer by Gutovi-kunEQG - Plush by Gutovi-kun

SFW Paper Like No Background:
AJ Pateando by Gutovi-kunRd 1 by Gutovi-kunTwilight Magic by Gutovi-kun

SFW With Background:
Annoyed Applejack - Nightmare Night by Gutovi-kunNaughty Spirit Bolt - Why Do I Have to Wear These  by Gutovi-kunAnnoyed Applejack - Legend of Zelda by Gutovi-kunForced Love - Commission by Gutovi-kunJa-mare-oquai - Hot Cider Orange by Gutovi-kunJa-mare-oquai - Corner of Equestria by Gutovi-kunCommission - Googles - Lab by Gutovi-kunTriforce Wedding by Gutovi-kunCommission - Lightning/Dash Quidditch by Gutovi-kun

SFW Paper Like With Background:
Always By Your Side by Gutovi-kun

Short SFW Comic:
Waifu #5 by Gutovi-kun   Cutie Coffin Crusaders - Idea by Rated Ponystar by Gutovi-kun   Applebloom-Diamond Tiara - Agression and Passion by Gutovi-kun   Mane Six are Back by Gutovi-kun   Gutovi-kun and Short Person - 11th Monthiversary by Gutovi-kun

Short SFW Paper Like Comic:
Appledash - Hearts n' Hooves Day / Valentine's Day by Gutovi-kun   No More Bananas! - Commission by Gutovi-kun   Burning Love - Short Person n' Gutovi-kun by Gutovi-kun   Gutovi-kun n' Short Person - Love You More by Gutovi-kun   Digital Love - Monthiversary (25-10-14) by Gutovi-kun   Justin Time-Berlake by Gutovi-kun  As - Stevie Wonder - Valentine's Day / HnH by Gutovi-kun  Paper Comic by Gutovi-kun

Short Animation:
Shadow Phil Animation - Commission by Gutovi-kunTwilight Sparkle: The Princess of Flamenco by Gutovi-kunWinter Breeze Animation - Commission by Gutovi-kun

Short Story:

Memories of Horseshoes, Honesty and Loyalty: Ch. 1
This story is the first of two bonus chapters for two different stories. My 'Of Horseshoes, Apples and Feathers' and my friend The Irish Brony X's 'Honesty and Loyalty' who was inspired by mine. These are not vital to the plot but makes some things more understandable. If you haven't read the stories, then go and do it! Specially 'Honesty and Loyalty' it's awesome.
Chapter One: Digging Up The Past
The cyan pony was proudly looking at the necklace she was wearing. Gold, with some engravings and a big red gemstone, probably a ruby, shaped like a lightning bolt.
"Element of Loyalty? Ha! This is so awesome!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed in a happy fashion.
She looked back up and examined her surroundings. She was in a very old castle, seriously decayed and torn apart by time and the strange non-pony-controlled weather. It was dark, the moon was up, and she was here in this castle far away from Ponyville, but she was not alone. She turned around to see another pegasus, loo

Icons and Avatars:
Shadow Phil Avatar by Gutovi-kunPlushie-Christmas-GIF by Gutovi-kun

Saucy No Background:
Naughty Applejack - Sweat and Mud by Gutovi-kunNaughty Minty Blue - Commission by Gutovi-kunNaughty Toxic Bolt - Commission by Gutovi-kunMauds for Scott 3 by Gutovi-kunNaughty Dashie - Bunny by Gutovi-kunNightmare Night - Crossdressing Cat Plushie Martin by Gutovi-kunNaughty Twilight - Teacher by Gutovi-kun  Commission - Seaweed Bikini by Gutovi-kun

Saucy With Background:
The Best Student - Commission by Gutovi-kunNaughty Fluttershy - Bed by Gutovi-kunA Rare Date - Commission by Gutovi-kunThe Great and Powerful Show - Commission by Gutovi-kunWorking Out - Commission by Gutovi-kunCommission - Bondage and Spanks by Gutovi-kunCommission - Bondage and Whipping (SFW) by Gutovi-kun

Short Saucy Animation:
Naughty AJ - Part 2.5 by Gutovi-kun

Short Saucy Comic:
How NOT to Prank Your Friends by Gutovi-kun  Happy Birthday Farmgirl by Gutovi-kun

NSFW No Background:
Futajack N' Flutterbat - Testing the Goods by Gutovi-kunAppleBat - Nightmare Night - Frame 4 Censorpng by Gutovi-kunTwiMac Sex Censor by Gutovi-kunNaughty ApplePie - The Unwrapped Gift Censor by Gutovi-kunCommission - Rarity X Burning Passion - Censored by Gutovi-kunCommission - Neo and Kamaji Frotting (Censore by Gutovi-kun

NSFW With Background:
Fuyona and Sparking Shock - Censor by Gutovi-kunNSFW AJ 3.5 Censor by Gutovi-kunCommission - Willow Fern (NSFW) Censor by Gutovi-kunCommission - Wonderbolts' Pet (Censored) by Gutovi-kunCommission - Neo and Kamaji Watersports(Censored) by Gutovi-kunCommission - Carmine and Twilight (NSFW on Tumblr) by Gutovi-kunCommission - Bamart and Pinkie (Censored) by Gutovi-kun

Short NSFW Comic:
Nightmare Night 2014 - Apple-Bat - SFW Version by Gutovi-kun   Futajack N' Flutterbat - Checking Out the Goods by Gutovi-kunCommission - Warlord & Night Fire & Clover(Censore by Gutovi-kun

Prices are not fixed, and I'd talk each price personally with each commissioner as they depend on what exactly they're asking.
If I get lots of commissions, that means my usual comics and stories will be delayed. If you don't want any commission, but want to see my regular art up there, you can donate any ammount you want. For every donation, no matter the ammount, I'll work on a "Why Me!?" page, or something else.

I don't usually like asking and publiciting myself, "begging" for money, but I really need it. So please, if you like my art, and want something from me, don't doubt to come and send me a note, and I'll be sure to reply in less than a day.

Thank you all for your time, even if you won't donate or ask for a commission, if you really can, I'd greatly appreciate if you tell your friends, or someone you know could be looking for a commission on any of these things!
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I've been busy lately, because I'm working on a project for a mobile game with some friends. If I were to post the beta, and maybe later the link to the game on the google store... would you like to look at it? Would you download it and test it? Would you 

25 deviants said Yeah, I'd love to see what you guys did! But I wouldn't pay for anything.
10 deviants said Yes, I'd give it a look, and I might pay for premium content, if it's good enough.
7 deviants said I wouldn't download or pay for it.
1 deviant said Yes, but only for the pony stuff!
1 deviant said I would donate to support you, but not for the game itself.


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