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Hey. I'm not Core to do polls, so here's a journal that'll act as poll. Comment your choice.

So, many of you know me for my comics, many of you know me for naughty pics, and another big lot of you, most likely older watchers (As in that you watched me long ago, not regarding age), know me for my stories. Mostly AppleDashers.

And as you might notice, I haven't posted any new story in forever. But thing is... I have written stuff, but it either never got finished, or was never posted.
There's several... story drafts I wanna come back to one day, but more specifically, there's some stories that I have in mind that I just re-discovered, and I even forgot I ever wrote them:

BTW, Yes, Why Me!? Will still be updated weekly and all, that won't change.

How Hard Could It Be?
This story is actually finished. It's a short 6.5K one shot. It has romance and a bit of saucy sexy bits(but nothing mature explicitly), but the main focus is to be... silly and fun, or at least enjoyable, so to speak. 
Summary: Twilight and Rainbow are tired of being the only single ones of the Mane 6, when suddenly Rainbow has the brilliant idea that, if they are 6, and 4 of them already coupled with each other, it only meant that she and Twilight should be an item. So, she asks Twilight to at least give it a try, after all... how hard could it be?
Style: In a style that is quite similar to my previous story "It's Not Easy Being In Love" (Chronological Version), the main body of this story switches between characters and writing styles.
Notes: This is not, and I wouldn't count it or promote it as a TwiDash shipfic, as I said, is more of a comedy thing than romance, and it's more poking fun at TwiDash, rather than an example of it.
While it's finished, I'd like to re-condition it, by editing it and probably changing some things here and there but it's relatively finished and could be out very soon.
The reason this never got out is 'cause my at the time editor didn't like it at all, 'cause it wasn't that entertaining, or felt a bit rushed, ooc, etc, etc.
To be honest, he's probably right, I agree it isn't the best thing ever, but hey, I found it funny, and had a blast writing it, so maybe some of you wanna give it a try, even if it isn't the best.

If We're Doing It...
This one is a longer project, unfinished but with a couple chapters fairly cooked at around 15K words. AppleDash ShipFic set way before the show starts. Which means no Twilight and the Mane Six don't know each other yet and such. As usual, saucy but not explicit. Though maybe a mature Epilogue or something along those lines.
Summary: AJ has a prom by the end of the week and has no date. RD doesn't want her to miss it, so agrees to act her date, as a stallion. They are just friends, but as they spend more and more time together, preparing for the prom, this might change.
Style: This one's written in a more traditional way, if anything, is really similar to my longest, most famous story "Of Horseshoes, Apples and Feathers"
Notes: This one's a longer idea, and probably gonna last a while, and similarly to OHAaF, it'll be chapter based and posted when finished.

The Lavender Maid
This is barely more than an idea, at most 1K words written, but with a kinda solid idea of the general story. While probably chapterized and longer than "How Hard Could it be?" not as long as the others.
Interesting thing about this one. I have the role of Twilight down in this story, but the other half of the ship is twisting... this was originally concieved years ago as a TwiPie fic, but lately, due to my crescent love for the ship, and after realizing the other role could quite easily shift to a different ship, I'm also considering TwiJack.
Summary: How long can 'The purest heart she knows' resist when the mare she loves most, Princess Twilight Sparkle, demands to be her maid, bound to obey her every single command willingly 'for a project'. In a very revealing attire, to boot. 
Style: Traditional style, not much to say here.
Notes:This is most likely gonna be a bunch of romance, but it's definitely gonna get saucy and NSFW real fast. But still romantic, not just plain clop. The idea is to have a story with lots of clop, but not clop with an excuse.

Unnamed RariTwi
This one is a very short unfinished oneshot of Twi musing about how she should act towards the sexual and romantic tension between her and Rarity... when Rarity is married to Spike.
Style: This one is supposed to be more... "poetic", based off some Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes songs. Though I'm most likely not going to make them justice in the slightest.

Unnamed RariPie
This one is a concept idea of Rarity complaining about not finding "the right stallion" and then finding "him" in Pinkie. Not much more to it, a pretty normal, classic RariPie, nothingg wild or strange or out of the norm.
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Poll: Should I Post A New Story? - I got Core so I can do an actual poll now. Please read this journal… and then come back 

26 deviants said How Hard Could It Be?
19 deviants said The Lavender Maid - TwiPie Edition
18 deviants said If We're Doing It...
16 deviants said Unnamed Raritwi
15 deviants said The Lavender Maid - TwiJack Edition
5 deviants said Unnamed RariPie


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